MIAMI — A large portion of Miami was without power at midday Friday, Feb. 21 due to a fire in a switch gear cabinet located on 2nd NW between Main and A streets.

“We had a switch gear cabinet (PMH-11) catch fire that caused the loss of power downtown and throughout areas of Miami,” Director of Public Utilities Tyler Cline said via e-mail.

The Miami Fire Department and Miami Department of Public Utilities had crews respond to the fire.

“We had to sectionalize power downtown and kill out power to the switch gear so the fire department could extinguish the flames, before power could be restored,” Cline said.

He said the cause of the fire was unknown.

“Due to the fact it caught fire, an animal is suspected — but because it got so hot — there wasn’t much left on the inside of the cabinet,” Cline said.

Power to much of the area was restored after about an hour.

Crews from the Miami utility department were working into the evening installing a temporary cabinet until a new one can be placed, Cline said.