MIAMI — Miami Mayor Rudy Schultz announced Tuesday evening at the regular city council meeting that he and City Manager Dean Kruithof will head to Washington, D.C., next week to seek help with the city’s flooding issues.

“We have flooding problems in our town, as you all know,” Schultz said. “And we have been fighting those for a very long time. I’ve been on the council for 12 years and I was like two months into my term when we flooded in 2007.

“We were really making progress and it was our chance to have an impact. And we were having an impact and making a lot of progress. Then our senior senator (Jim Inhofe) stepped in with what was called the Inhofe Amendment, which negated a lot of the progress we had made.”

Schultz said he and Kruithof plan to meet with Inhofe’s chief of staff and they also hope to meet with Inhofe personally as well as Sen. James Lankford.

“We have a long list of things we are going to ask for. We plan to say, ‘You got what you wanted, now what can you do for us, your constituents?’ Schultz said.

“I don’t know what the outcome is going to be, but we are going to go and hope for the best and be nice and firm. This is actually our third trip in the last six or seven years.”

In other matters, city council members approved Schultz's nomination of Miamian David Davis to complete a councilmember term, replacing Brian Forrester for Ward One.

The oath of office was administered and Davis took his seat immediately.

The council also approved an honorary co-naming of D Street SW (Steve Owens Blvd. to 2nd Ave. SW) as David Osborne Drive.

Present at the meeting to make the announcement was Debbie East, Jordan Boyd, Sammie Ketcher and Bobby Poole, who make up the Ottawa County Musicians Tribute Committee.

The committee works to recognize Ottawa County musicians for their outstanding lives in music.

It was also announced that Osborne would be inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame on April 4 during a concert at the Coleman Theatre.

In addition to the honorary street name, the city also approved a proclamation declaring April 4, as “David Osborne Day.”

“Osborne is a bonafide Steinway artist for over 30 years and has committed over 25,000 songs to memory. He never uses sheet music,” East said.

Other committee members voiced to the council, “everything we are trying to do we are trying to help bring more people to Miami. Whatever we can do as a group is to make Miami better.”

“As part of this there will be honorary street signs installed, just as was done for Fern Holland, Tinker Owens, and Steve and Cassie Gaines,” Kruithof said.

Council members also approved the mayor's nomination to appoint Kristina Ulrey to the library board, replacing Paul Marquez. Ulrey’s term will expire on Nov. 21 this year.