COMMERCE – The public’s help is sought in gaining information about what is believed to be a homicide case being investigated out of Commerce.

The State Medical Examiner’s office is working to identify the victim.

The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office received a call last Wednesday and, upon investigation, found what is believed to have been the homeowner deceased in the residence off of east Highway 69 near Commerce.

Because of the current situation at the Ottawa County jail and issues with staffing, Sheriff Jeremy Floyd asked the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations to take the lead on the case.

“Due to our limited resources, we asked the OSBI to be the primary on this case,” Floyd said. “We did respond to what we believe to be a homicide in Commerce and have been investigating it since last Wednesday, Feb. 5. We are assisting them with running down leads that might come up at this point and there is a person of interest in the case as well.”

Now the state agents at the OSBI are asking for help from the public in finding out more about the investigation.

Officials have located Gabriella Villarreal, also known as Gabby Holmes, who was wanted for questioning in the death and talks with her continue.

“I just literally posted that we have located Gabriella, but we are still needing information. If anybody saw anything they can call the OSBI,” public information officer Brook Arbeitman said Monday.

“The ME is still working to positively identify the victim and cause of death. We are just running down every possible lead we can find at this point and time.

“People can also call their local sheriff. We are still working together on this, obviously, but sometimes people feel more comfortable calling their sheriff and if that’s the case that’s fine. Just call somebody,” Arbeitman said.

Personsd with any information about the case are asked to e-mail, call the OSBI at 800-522-8017 or Floyd at 918-542-2806.