MIAMI – A new program is ready to kick off at Miami High School and students are hoping for community support.

The MHS Student Council will host “Wish Week,” a philanthropic week, April 13-17, but the students will be involved heavily in fundraising efforts until then.

The hope is that the project will become a community event that everyone can be involved in.

Some of the events planned include a concert, a winter semi-formal dance, a movie day at the high school, assemblies during the week (including a game show assembly, a lip sync competition and a game assembly), working with the animal shelter to bring dogs to the school, Penny Wars across the entire school district, selling t-shirts, teacher luncheons, a letter writing campaign, and weeks where teachers can donate to wear jeans and pajamas.

Lauren Kirk, Wish Week Executive Committee Chairman, said, “My hope for Wish Week is that the community will come together as whole: businesses, school clubs, sports, and even school administration, They are not typically completely collaborative, but I truly believe that this event will create a better since of unity between those organizations, and the town as a whole.”

Some sponsors already onboard include the Wax & Hive and J Bae Earrings. Both will be making special wish week products and donating the profits.

The Bee Wishful Candle and the earrings are planned to debut in mid to late February.

“As a student at MHS, I am proud to hold the title of Wardog, and I believe that a true Wardog wouldn’t sit down, but stand up and help others for any and every opportunity to help one another,” said student council member Jayden Kennedy.

All together, the students will be working on around 20 fundraisers and will have approximately 15 student-comprised subcommittees. The executive committee will consist of school administration, organization advisers, students and community members, and will have around 30 members.

The Wish Week will be aimed at unifying not only the school district, but the community as well, and the goal is to raise $7,500. All of the proceeds will go to Make-A-Wish Oklahoma to honor the wishes of a local Miami child.

“I am excited about bringing attention to the Make A Wish Foundation not only in the community, but in the schools, for that is where the future lies,” said Briah Harnar, Pizza Sales Committee Chairman.

Corbin Walls, Wish Week Marketing & School/Community Outreach committee chairman, said, “When this idea was first proposed, I was the biggest skeptic on our council. The fundraising goal seemed impossible. However, upon listening to one of our sponsors, Mrs. Cris Norton, discuss how tangible the benefits could be, I began to change my mind. She pointed out that the Make A Wish Foundation is proven to lengthen and improve its beneficiaries’ lives because of the hope it gives them; it gives them something to look forward to.

“I have been raised in this community and I have seen, first hand, its compassion. I am confident and excited to see our community collaborate to foster hope, for hope is the only thing strong enough to overcome those obstacles, and the idea that we could all be a part of something that helps a young child defeat a tragic illness gives me hope in our community,” Walls said.

The student council at the Grove High School does a similar week called C.O.W. Week (Changing Our World), and they have raised as much as $30,000 in past years.

For more information, or to help in any way, contact Walls via e-mail at