MIAMI — Multi-million-dollar projects top the list of the City of Miami’s big plans for 2020.

The county’s plans include getting the jail back up and running, and the permanent replacement of some roads and bridges in the area that are prone to repeated washouts.

“A lot of the things that are going to be coming up in the next year are finishing up a lot of our capital projects. Main Street for one and Central Avenue is the other one,” Miami City Manager Dean Kruithof said.

“The Main Street project, from 1st Street to the railroad tracks is going to be completely rebuilt. We’ve finally gotten state approval to get that done, so probably after the first of the year we will be going out to bid on that,” he said.

The second project is finishing up Central, which has taken a lot longer than anybody expected, Kruithof said, “but that’s also because we’ve had twice the amount of rainfall than we normally have, so that has pushed that project off.”

He said other projects that are about to start are sewer and water line improvements along Highway 69A towards J-M Farms.

“With their new expansion and with all the other development that’s going to be happening, or potentially happening, along 69A over the next few years, we are working towards getting our utilities out to that area,” he said.

“One of the bigger ones is the Nichols substation. We are rebuilding that electrical substation, one of three that we are going to be rebuilding, and that’s going to greatly improve our ability to provide electric service to the community.

“These are the big ones that will be happening after the first of the year and are all multi-million dollar projects,” Kruithof said.

He said the splash pad is also complete and will open in the spring.

“We are also doing our year end posts on Facebook and people can get a pretty good sampling of the projects and services we provide annually. We plan to continue this into 2020 and beyond,” Kruithof added.

Russell Earls, Ottawa County District 3 Commissioner, said “We are working closely with FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) to try to get some mitigation money, called 404 and 406 money, into the county to fix roads and bridges that continually get washed out and destroyed. There’s a special pot of money there to tap into to do some remediation and get these projects, washouts, fixed to where they don’t continually have to be replaced.

“To me, that’s going to be one of the biggest stories of 2020, us working with FEMA to bring in mitigation dollars.”