The Kansas Lady Comets and the Kansas Comets both won their respective games against the girls and guys of the Salina Wildcats, at home on Friday, December 20.

Kansas 62, Salina 16

The Lady Comets trounced the Lady Wildcats 62 – 16 with three players in double digits: Kyleigh Ortiz had 15 points, Fallyn Tarin put up 11 points and J’Lynne Bryant added her 10 points.

It seemed like each Lady Comet got in on three-point shots during the game; Ortiz had 3, Bryant had 2, Haylee Buck also had 2 and Lainie Payton and Maggie Barnard each hit one.

The Lady Comets racked up 20 points in the first period, 13 points in the second, came back with another 20 points in the third and added 11 points in the fourth period.

“Salina is down this year, but we played hard; also we’re playing a lot better now,” said Coach Steve Odle.

Their season is running 2 and 1, so far for the Lady Comets, winning their only away game and losing one of their home games.

Kansas 44, Salina 27

The guys drew first blood when they took the floor, with Salina matching them point for point until Salina plateaued at five points and Kansas pulled away to lead for the rest of the game.

The Comets closed the game out, 44 to 27 over Salina.

Seth Evans dominated under the boards in offensive rebounds and getting in five two-point shots, yet he was generous with assists.

Evans had the second highest score with 10 points, behind Kaiden Osbourn who put up 20 of the team’s 44 points, including five 3-pointers.

Easton Wiggins and Rowdi Blackbird each dropped in a 3-pointer to add to the team total.

Trent Fields was the third highest Comets scorer with 6 points.

The Comets played a fast-paced, aggressive game all night on the offense side of the ball and added a very tight defense against the Wildcats, frustrating the Wildcats’ ability to get a clean shot.

They were able to put up 10 points in the first period, 12 points in the second, had cool baskets in the third period with only six points and came back in the fourth period with 16 points.

"It is always good to win before Christmas break,” said Coach Cory Steele “Kids [executed] our defensive game plan well and having kids that can come off the bench to contribute, helps also.”

The Comets have won both of their home games, but dropped their one away game.

The next game for both the Comets and Lady Comets will be an away in Jay against the Bulldogs on January 3, 2020.

Both the Lady Bulldogs and Bulldogs have new coaches this season.

The Lady Bulldogs are carrying a 1 -5 season, so far, with the win being against the Lady Comets on November 22.

The Bulldogs lost to the Comets on November 22 and continued to lose until the last two games, which they won.

The Bulldogs were able to beat the Grove Ridgerunners in double overtime on December 14.

The matchup on January 3, 2020, in Jay, between the Comets teams and the Bulldog teams promise to be a great game.