In the day of email, Facebook, Twitter and other social media, the art of letter writing is becoming obsolete.

That is with the exception of one time of year: Christmas.

While Santa might have an email address — could it be — children worldwide inundate him in December with letters where they ask for everything from books to bikes to puppies and games.

The Miami News-Record is acting as a go between children in Miami and Santa.

We'll have lots of letters asking for presents in Christmas 2019 on our website,, as well as our Facebook page.

Here’s a few we’ve received that are being passed on to Jolly Saint Nick — electronically.

Dear Santa,

I am so glad you visit us evrey year. Santa, this year I need new shoes. I would also like a book called restart Jumanji, the next level and I would like checker (at my moms).

Love, Jaxson

Dear Santa,

I wont a Spi-derMan watch that light’s up. I also want to wear it to school.

Love, Vernon

Dear Santa,

I would like some braslets and neckleses for Christmas. and I would like some makeup for Christmas.

Love, Monique

Dear Santa,

I want a stuffed puppy and a laptop and a phone.

Love, Joshua

Dear Santa,

I really really really bad want a new bike and a laptop and new magic pad. Oh and how is mrs. Clause tell her she makes good cookies. Oh and can you say hi to Rudolf for me. Don't work too hard.

Love Grace