MIAMI — What began as 97 male and female inmates from Ottawa County being housed at the Tulsa County jail has been reduced to just 47.

Those 47 were relocated to the Amos G. Ward Detention Facility in Claremore Tuesday night.

The move to the Rogers County facility means that where will be a cost of $10 or less for each inmate per day.

That’s a huge savings compared to the $69 a day Tulsa County was charging.

An electrical fire on Oct. 19 was the cause of the prisoners being evacuated.

Ottawa County Sheriff Jeremy Floyd said work continues at the jail to repair and replace equipment in order to bring the inmates back here as soon as possible.

“Rogers County is not charging us for the time being,” he said. “Of course, we will continue to utilize our staff there like we did at Tulsa, but we are looking at probably $10 a day or less in costs.

“It’s a little closer to home and another plus is that they use Turnkey Health like we do here for prisoner health care, and Tulsa did not. We can utilize Rogers’ Turnkey for our inmates and that will be really good. Doctor visits, etc., can be done in-house that way.”

While no inmates remain in the Tulsa County facility, Floyd said they still have a few in Craig County because that is like the drop-off hub for new inmates from here after their initial arrest, and for those who are bonding out or being released, because it is so much closer.

Those who had previously been sentenced to prison have been transferred to the Department of Corrections.

“We have worked out a pretty good deal. It took some time to get everything situated, but I think we’ve got it down as an operating machine now,” Floyd said.

“We are getting closer on the jail. We are waiting on a few of the contractors to finish up their work, the vital things. Unfortunately nobody gets in a big hurry around the holidays.

“We have been pushing to get the issues fixed so we can get the inmates back, but when you are at someone else’s mercy it’s tough to do that sometimes.”