MIAMI — Production is underway at the Miami First Assembly of God church for the Women’s Ministry’s annual peanut brittle fundraiser and the demand grows bigger every year.

Watching the ladies work their magic, it’s hard to know who has more fun: those eating the delicious peanut brittle or those who create it by the bagful. Sometimes they are one and the same. The ladies enjoy working together and the kitchen rings with the sound of their laughter as they make their heavenly concoction.

Sereta Dillon has been involved in the peanut brittle making process since the beginning.

“It was when we were in the other church on B Street and Daniel T. Sheaffer was the pastor,” Dillon said when asked about the history of the fundraiser. “He brought in a missionary that brought the peanut brittle recipe in for us to make for missions in 1960 and ’61, but after we moved to the new church we didn’t do it for a long time. Then Barbara Stoner asked me if I thought we could sell the peanut brittle again and I told her ‘You can sell all you can make.’”

What makes their peanut brittle so special is that they pour it out on tables and pull it using forks to make it thin.

“When we start around the first of Nov. we don’t have but a few orders so we don’t have as big a crowd of ladies (and men) helping,” Dillon said. “There have been about 20 the last two Tuesdays. We will probably also make the brittle on a Sunday afternoon a couple of Sundays before Christmas.

“We probably will cut off orders before the last cooking day, which is Dec. 17, so we can fulfill them all.”

When asked what her favorite part is, Dillon said, “It’s just a good fellowship time with the ladies. We enjoy being together for that time. It’s hard work, but we get by. And the men have joined in to help do the heavy work.”

When asked if the men get samples, Sereta first said “No,” but then laughed and said they get all they want.

The peanut brittle includes lots of sugar, corn syrup, and unsalted peanuts and it’s made from an original recipe used by members of the church for years.

Work started on this year’s fundraiser Nov. 5. Proceeds are used for various church projects, including missions.

It takes about 20 minutes to complete a batch from the kitchen to the tabletop for pulling and approximately three packages of brittle can be made from a single oversized skillet full.

Any men from the church that happen to wander in are put to work hauling the cast iron skillets around.

The ladies that have been helping create the famous peanut brittle treat for years say they look forward to making it and sharing it with everyone every year.

Orders are being taken now for pickup on Dec. 3, 10, and 17.

Stop by the church office to place an order for $6 each at 1815 East Steve Owens Blvd., 918-540-1585. or call Kelly Stoner at 918-961-1316, or Dillon at 918-542-0033 for more information.