MIAMI — Willow Crest Hospital issued a statement regarding Sunday’s disturbance at the facility, saying that there was no lockdown as had been previously reported.

“We are a locked facility, so no “lock down” procedure was necessary,” Willow Crest CEO Shari Murphree said. “Police were contacted as part of our emergency protocol to ensure the safety of both patients and staff. The situation was resolved quickly, and no patients were injured during the incident.”

Murphree said two staff members were sent to the emergency room at Integris Miami Hospital as a precaution, and were treated for minor injuries and released.

The disturbance was in the hospital’s adolescent unit, which houses patients aged 11 to 17.

“There are 30 total patients on this unit, however not all 30 patients were involved in the incident,” Murphree said.

“It is our goal at Willow Crest Hospital to provide effective, quality behavioral health care services to children and adolescents in a safe and healing environment,” Murphree said. “Our staff are dedicated, caring individuals, trained to handle difficult situations in a therapeutic and understanding manner. We will continue to provide the best possible care to the children seeking our help when difficult situations, such as Sunday night, arise.”

Willow Crest is a child and adolescent inpatient psychiatric facility. We work with children struggling with mental, emotional and behavioral problems, who at times are capable of being aggressive, Murphree said in the release.