WYANDOTTE — Dealing with the pain that follows the loss of a child is never easy, but it’s especially heartbreaking when that child’s life may have been taken by an unknown someone still walking around free.

The heartbreak of Tammy Moss of Wyandotte knows no end because she is faced every day with the realization that her son’s killer(s) has yet to be found.

“We will never stop looking,” Tammy Moss said this week. “It will never be over until we get justice for Eli.”

Clifford Eli Moss of Wyandotte was just 25 when he disappeared without a trace in late June of 2017 when he decided to go for a walk and never returned.

He was believed to have been heading to some woods just off East 176 Road near Highway 10 and Sycamore Bridge in Wyandotte wearing nothing but a pair of gym shorts and a pair of sandals.

A search was launched, but there was no news until September 2017 when bones were found that were later identified as the remains of Eli Moss.

The case has remained open since, according to Ottawa County Sheriff Jeremy Floyd.

“It’s something that we look into and, of course, that case was very complex. We never did find a complete body, but for what we did locate of Eli they were able to identify that’s who it was through DNA and dental records,” Floyd said this week.

“It’s an ongoing investigation and any time we receive new information or hear a rumor, or whatever the situation may be, we always look into it.”

Some of Moss’ remains, his skull and hipbone, were discovered off Highway 10 in 2017 by the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol using search teams (on land and by air), cadaver dogs and ATVs in an attempt to locate the rest of his remains.

Moss’ remains were later identified and confirmed by the Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office using dental records and DNA.

“To this day there’s been no arrest made on it. And of course the cause of death is unknown, so we don’t know if he was dismembered by an animal or an individual…we just don’t know that,” Floyd said.

“I do know that we obtained the skull and there was nothing on it that reflected anything like a tool or something used to dismember it,” Floyd said. “Anytime you have something like that it’s difficult to pinpoint a cause of death. We keep it open and we continue the investigation because we don’t know anything besides what we have as of right now.”

Persons with information should call the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office at 918-542-2806. They can remain anonymous.