QUAPAW — The Quapaw Nation’s northeast Oklahoma-based Fire/Emergency Department has sent a 10-person team of rescue and law enforcement officers to Florida as part of a larger deployment of multi-state rescue teams to respond to Hurricane Dorian.

The Quapaw Fire/EMS Swift Water Rescue Team is making its third hurricane deployment in three years. They responded to Hurricane Harvey in Houston (2017), to Hurricane Florence in North Carolina (2018), and now Dorian in Florida.

The team and two swift water rescue boats and supplies left Quapaw at about 7 p.m. Sunday, and arrived at Camp Blanding, Starke, Florida (Florida National Guard), at about 4 p.m. Monday, where they were to receive additional instructions as the storm approached.

From an email dispatch 9/2/19, 11:11pm -- Camp Blanding, Starke, Fla.:

Upon arrival we were briefed by FEMA staff over the phone and were instructed to be ready at 0900 hours on 09/03/2019 for future assignments. During this briefing we were also informed that of the 6 states who had sent resources to our location, we were the only Swift Water Rescue teams to deploy. The other teams arriving at Camp Blanding were Search and Rescue only. It is still not certain if more Swift Water Teams will deploy to our location.

Unfortunately because of the pace of travel not many photos were taken of QNDPS staff or equipment however Further updates will include photos of our team and the great work they are doing.