MIAMI — A temporary road closure on 20th Ave NE Between B Street and C Street was approved by the Miami City Council Tuesday evening to allow Washington Elementary School to make it a one-way street with the use of barricades during school hours.

Police Chief Thomas Anderson said, “We have Roosevelt, Wilson, and Rockdale that all currently use barricades to make their streets one way in front of the schools. Washington actually did this at the end of the year last year, but now wants to make it officially a one-way street during school hours. It makes it safer for kids.”

A long awaited and much anticipated agreement and resolution regarding the improvements planned for Main Street with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) was also approved by council members.

“This is the last piece,” project engineer Shaun McConnaughey said. “Getting this agreement approved is the last thing before we do a requisition for federal funds and then the city will bid it out.”

Also approved was the acceptance of a $50,000 grant from the USDA for the purchase of equipment.

According to City Manager Dean Kruithof, the city was notified that it is eligible for a 35/65 split grant for equipment that was planned for purchase totaling $205,000. Of that the USDA will pay 35%.

The equipment to be purchased includes items needed for the 911 center, a generator, some utility supplies for the line group, and a tractor for the G.A.R. cemetery, etc.

“These are things that needed to be bought anyway, so it’s like getting a 35% discount. It will reduce costs to taxpayers,” Kruithof said.