Planned gifts are a very important way to provide for the future of an organization that is important to you. The bequests Elder Care receives make significant contributions to our work with senior adults and caregivers.

A planned gift is a gift that involves integrating personal, financial and estate planning concepts with a donor’s plan for lifetime giving. For the donor, a planned gift provides a way to give beyond the use of current assets, and it often provides significant estate tax benefits. A planned gift may require the assistance of a qualified legal or financial advisor to help complete the gift.

A planned gift can also ensure the donor leaves behind a legacy for their family.

Many of our supporters have generously demonstrated their commitment to the mission and future of Elder Care by way of a planned gift. Leaving a gift is a uniquely personal decision, but the steps are straightforward, and include:

• Arranging for a gift through your will or trust as a defined dollar amount, a percentage of estate or remainder amount, or specific items of personal property.

• Naming Elder Care as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or retirement account such as an IRA

• Receiving a lifetime income through a Charitable Gift Annuity

As we plan for the future, it is helpful to be aware of forthcoming gifts. Our Heritage Society was specially created to recognize donors who have chosen to name Elder Care in their will or estate plan and to insure that their wishes are honored. Planned gifts, no matter how big or small, can help sustain current programming, upkeep and maintain the facilities, establish endowments, or contribute to expansion, upgrades and new initiatives.

— For more information please contact: Deirdre McArdle, Elder Care’s director of development at or 918-336-8500.