FAIRLAND — A local motorcycle club comprised of current or former military, first responders, and law enforcement agencies devotes their time to helping fulfill the needs of those in the “brotherhood.”

Lieutenant Jesse Krewson, also known as Deuce, was a former jail administrator at the Ottawa County jail who was diagnosed with diabetes and later developed problems related to the disease that ultimately resulted in the amputation of one of his legs.

Due to rising medical expenses, Krewson returned to the sheriff’s office, but despite having insurance, the medical bills are still rising and Krewson found himself unable to even afford a cell phone. And that’s when the Four Kings stepped in to help.

“The purpose of the club is to raise money to help fellow first responders in general,” club president Dan Cook said Friday.

“When Jesse came in need we didn’t hesitate to do what was needed to raise money for him, which is how a softball tournament came about that was held in Fairland recently. Chief Aaron Richardson with the Fairland Police Department stepped in and helped coordinate the event.”

Those who also helped out with donations include Grand Savings Bank of Fairland, Pepsi-Cola, Brown-Winters Funeral Home, Family Dollar, the Fairland Police and Fire Departments, the Fairland School District, and Jay Kennedy and Dylan Brock, who cooked for the event. Kennedy works at the District 2 county barn and is a military veteran.

“He (Krewson) is basically getting back on his feet. He has been fitted with a prosthetic and is awaiting its delivery in a few weeks. And the sheriff’s office plans to bring Krewson back on as a part-time dispatcher,” Cook said.

Based in Miami, the Four Kings Motorcycle Club officially represents Ottawa County and all were or are now either in law enforcement, the military, are firemen, emergency medical services employees, or other first responders and, with other like-minded motorcycle enthusiasts, are all about raising money for a good cause — to help their fellow man.

The recent softball tournament fundraiser for Krewson raised $1,409.70.

The Four Kings are also selling raffle tickets for a $500 tattoo session with Damon Hayes at Blacklist Ink in Joplin for $20 each or six for $100 as a fundraiser for Krewson. The drawing will be held Aug 16. For more information, contact Cook.

Still in the works is a cornhole tournament in late August or early September that the Four Kings will host as a fundraiser to raise funds for future first responders in need.

“I served 24 years in the Army and we were all just in a brotherhood (brothers and sisters) and, as first responders, we don’t make a lot of money and our insurance isn’t the greatest, so whatever we can do to offset that for those in need is our main purpose,” Cook said.

“First responders are the first ones there to help everybody and they don’t get a lot of pats on the back. So whatever we can do to help them is what we are going to do.”