It’s time to start preparing for the 12th Annual KanOkla 100 Mile Highway Sale. This year’s sale will be held on Sept. 13 and 14.

Highway sales have become very popular events all over the country. The Corridor 127 Highway Sale is the one that shoppers seem to know the most about, because of HGTV’s coverage of the “world’s longest yard sale.” It has become an annual event in which participants are given the money and chance to make the best buys and fastest trips through the towns participating. The Corridor 127 Highway Sale was initially started as a way to draw all the traffic that was traveling the new interstate, and now bypassing the small towns. A small committee started this highway sale, which drew the attention of many traveling along the interstate.

This is the 12th year for our local KanOkla 100 Mile Highway Sale, which runs along several Highways through northeast Oklahoma and southeast Kansas. The sale has grown over the year’s to be much more than 100 miles. It is advertised all over the United States. Shoppers come from Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, California, Kentucky, Nebraska, and Florida, just to name a few locations, and draws a crowd of over 8,600 shoppers each year.

The sale was started here locally, to help bring individuals into our small towns, in hopes they would find places and events that would bring them back to our area at another time. The highway sale has proven to give all our small towns a huge economy boost, through the motels, restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores, grocery stores, antique and boutique and variety stores. It continues to grow each year and draws interest from other towns along the way. Through the Facebook posts from visitors, along with the guest books kept in a few of the local antique stores, out of town visitors tell the KanOkla Highway Sale committee, they truly are returning to the local areas to visit museums and events that they were interested in, but did not have the time to visit while here for the highway sale. Most of these shoppers come with friends or family. There are even several church and organization groups that shop the highway sale each year.

Each town, along the way, has city wide yard sales, given by residents of the town. There are also three large group site sales, in different towns, where individuals that are not located along the sale route, or are from out of state can come set up to sell their items. There are also businesses that take this time to clean out extra stock that has accumulated throughout the year.

This is a fun and profitable event that also helps our economy and keeps the unwanted items finding a new home, where they are once again used.

If you are a Dewey resident, and would like to hold a sale at your home, you can call Linger Longer at 918-534-0610 and have your name and address added to the Dewey Map of sales. If you would like to setup at the large group site in Dewey, and sell with others at one of the busiest group sites on the route, call Sandra at 918-214-2443 and reserve a space to setup. The Group site is also looking for 2 more food vendors to setup for the highway sale, on Sept. 13-14.

It was a close race for third and fourth places, but the first-place duck was far ahead of the rest of the pack. That was one determined duck! Our first place duck was number 133 owned by Jennifer Miller of Dewey. Jennifer must be a good trainer, since another of her flock, duck number 307, came in second place. Fighting for third place was duck number seven racing under the name of Nicklas Deutsch. The fourth place duck was number 99 owned by Stephanie Colclasure.

Thank you to everyone who bought ducks. That money will go into the 2020 Fourth of July celebration. The Fourth of July celebration is put on every year by the Dewey Civic Association (with support of the city of Dewey). This is an all- volunteer group of people from Dewey and the surrounding area who support Dewey and want the city to have awesome events. The Dewey Civic Association also puts on Dewey’s Christmas parade.