MIAMI — The City of Miami is in the midst of its summer roadwork.

“Right now, we’ve got two of what we consider major projects going that we are using contractors on,” said public works director Kevin Browning.

The mill and overlay projects have been tagged as “hospital and schools.

“That’s hitting the major thoroughfares around the hospital (Integris Miami Hospital) and schools,” he said. “Those streets are being done because they can be milled and overlaid. A lot of our streets are beyond just milling and overlaying because there is no base.”

The biggest of the projects is on West Central, where not only will it get a refurbishment, but its getting an overhaul of water lines, sewer lines, storm drains and everything else associated with that.

He said the street department is doing “in-house” work on Harned Avenue.”

“Every time the weather permits, we are running the DuraPatcher,” Browning said.

The machine, purchased in 2016, allows for a more efficient way to address potholes using only two or three workers using the much faster technique.

“We are running that constantly,” Browning said. “The weather has not been our friend this year. We need some heat and some dryness to get some stuff done.

He said that’s been the big focus this summer, “but will have some other ones on the radar in the northwest that have just fallen apart. We’ve just got to get to them.

“We have roads falling apart all over the place, but we don’t want to just throw a patch on it when it needs to be replaced.”

Browning said the department also would like to do work in several intersections around town.

“If the weather will cooperate and our in-house guys can do their job, we should start to see some improvement,” he said. “It’s just going to take some time and effort to get it done.”