MIAMI — Flood waters are beginning to recede on the east end of Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College.

The flood waters are down about 2 feet from the crest, NEO vice president of Fiscal Affairs Dr. Mark Rasor said in a release from the college. “The baseball locker rooms and offices are no longer in the water. However, all the structures under the east grandstands and the baseball hitting facility are still flooded. There is currently no water seeping into the basement of Dobson-Harrell.”

It is hoped that damage assessment can begin as early as Tuesday afternoon, Rasor said in the release.

“Although the Neosho is currently falling at Commerce and Miami, the National Weather Service and the Corps of Engineers has told us to expect up to a 0.5 foot rise by Tuesday afternoon due to rains in southeast Kansas last night. That rise would not re-impact buildings on campus,” Rasor said.

The American Legion Oklahoma Boys State continues without incident. Organizers have restructured the athletic competitions while everything else has remained as originally planned.

“We are in constant contact to ensure the delegates have a great experience while on our campus,” Rasor said.