MIAMI — The Neosho River has begun to drop, but will inch back up a little.

During Sunday’s 4 p.m. Storm Adaptive Management Plan conference call, Nicole McGavock of the National Weather Service’s Tulsa office reported the level was 24.37.

She said it would inch back up to 24.7 and remain there until Tuesday.

That factors in ¾ of an inch that fell Sunday morning.

Miami has received 2.64 inches over the past two days, 13.15 over the past 10, 14.48 over 14 and 23.26 over the past 30 days.

Additional rainfall is in the forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday.

There still are a number of streets around Miami that remain closed, but the Oklahoma Department of Transportation reports the number of highways around Ottawa County closed are down to three: SH-125 a mile south of SH-10 in Miami, US-59/SH-10 a mile west of US-69 near Miami and US-69 between SH-125 and US-59/SH-10 near Miami.

The pool elevation at Grand Lake as of 3 p.m. Sunday was 754.88 with a release of 143,000 cubic feet per second, with the flood pool use down to 98.75 percent.

“We are currently at 143,000 cfs at Pensacola, the pool is dropping and the inflow is dropping,” said Bill Chatron of the Army Corps of Engineers. “In all likelihood, I will be making a gate change in an hour or two (Sunday), cutting back 10,000 or so.”

Chatron also said there had been a cutback upstream at the John Redmond Reservoir at Burlington, Kansas.