Revises rain totals, adds photo

MIAMI — Miami received an additional 1.89 inches of rain overnight, according to Oklahoma Mesonet.

That brings the 14-day total for Miami to 13.73 inches and 22.51 over the past 30 days.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol reported US69A, SH10 eastbound and SH10 westbound were closed at the Will Rogers Turnpike gate, but the exit remained open so vehicles can exit and get fuel.

“With the rain overnight, it did affect our forecast, but not really bad,” Miami Police Chief and Emergency Management Director Thomas Anderson said in a Facebook briefing Saturday morning.

The National Weather Service originally had forecasted crest to be 25.5 feet Friday and it was projected to drop to 23 feet Saturday.

“Unfortunately with the rain last night, they have changed our forecast for the river crest. The good news it’s not going up,” Anderson said. “Right now, we are about 25.3 and they are going to hold us for a bit to process some of the water.”

He said its anticipated that possibly Monday, the level will drop to 23 feet then slowly recede to 22 through Wednesday and Thursday.

“The good news is it appears the river is not going to go up through Wednesday-Thursday of next week,” Anderson said. “The bad news is we’re going to be here for a little bit and it’s not going to go down too much, maybe a foot or foot and a half.”

The only way through Miami continues to be via 69A north.

At 8 a.m. Saturday, the Grand River Dam Authority reported that the elevation of Grand Lake was 754.82. The daily target for the day is 743.60.

At the direction of the United States Army Corps of Engineers, nine main and three east spillway gates were open at Pensacola Dam, discharging 175,740 cubic feet per second (cfs) of water.

Six units were online at the Pensacola Dam powerhouse, releasing 13,301 cfs of water through generation.

Releases through floodgates and generation totaled 189,041 cfs.

Inflows into Grand Lake totaled 159,978 cfs.

Three water rescues had to be made Friday, Anderson said — primarily because Google Maps and Siri said the roads were open.

“Don’t get sucked into your phone,” he said. “Just use common sense. We want everybody to be safe.”