MIAMI — Classes in the Miami Public School District were cancelled Wednesday, May 1.

“We had some water damage because the rain came down so heavy and so hard,” he said. “We’ve got our basements flooded at Will Rogers and some water that got in through roof leaks and some that just blew in.”

He said because of power outages a considerable amount of the food inventory at some of the schools was lost.

“We’re getting a count on that and we’ve got a truck in today that will hopefully get us through the rest of this week and next week,” he said.

Hogan said there were a few trees down, but nothing that blocked roadways.

“We did run our buses a little bit early go get our kids out before it hit,” Hogan said. “It was a scary situation.”

A $19.03 million bond issue that will be decided by MPS voters on May 14 would allow for the construction of safe rooms at the high school and Nichols Upper Elementary.

Hogan said he spent most of the night at his office communicating with different entities and trying to assess facilities.

“I tried to get out a little bit, but it was so crazy that I couldn't really get out and look at anything,” Hogan said. “We had power come back on then it went back off. We didn't know what areas had and what areas didn't (have power) so we just decided to call it instead of wait until morning. We decided to do it last night. We will see today.”