A proposal to add an additional ½ cent in sales tax to help establish a police department passed by a single vote.

There were 94 yes votes (50.27 percent) while 93 (49.73 percent) voted no in the special election.

According to the resolution for the proposal, only a simple majority was required for the measure to pass, Ottawa County election board secretary Verna Ferris said.

According to information on the Town of Afton’s Facebook page, the tax increase will bring the total sales tax to 3.5 percent, which will be equal to Bernice, slightly lower than Miami and higher than Fairland and Vinita, which has a sales tax of 3 percent.

It’s estimated that the increase will bring in an additional $50,000, which is expected to be adequate to fund the department.

Plans are to have a chief of police, a full-time deputy and supplemental coverage with part-time officers.

For years, law enforcement has been provided by the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office.

The top three vote getters in a field of seven unseated incumbents on the Afton Board of Trustees. That outcome was almost as narrow.

Challengers Colt Q. Collins finished with 147 (25.21 percent), Bill Joe Landrum received 143 (24.53 percent) and Williams H. Jones picked up 116 (19.9 percent.

Each won four terms (2019-2023).

Vote totals for the others were incumbent trustee Robin Harper, 67; incumbent trustee Terry Maupin, 48; incumbent mayor George Mantooth, 46, and Dewey P. Davis, 16.

Cindy I. Todd was the winner in the race for Afton Town Clerk.

She received 116 votes (60.1 percent) compared to 77 (39.9 percent for Tallelisa Powers 77.

In other municipal races:


Incumbent mayor Michael Hart received 107 votes (56.61 percent) while challenger Kenneth L. Leggett Jr. got 82 (43.39 percent).

Ray Horn, the incumbent city marshal, picked up 135 votes (71.05 percent compared to 55 votes (28.95 percent) for Danny Crafton.


It also was a razor-thin outcome where the top three vote getters earned seats on the Fairland Board of Trustees.

Brent L. Davis picked up 56 votes (31.64 percent) and John Finnell and William Lee Jacobberger each received 54 votes (30.51 percent).

The fourth man in the race, Mark J. Goode finished with 13 votes (7.34 percent).

In school board races:


Donni Long was re-elected to the Miami Office No. 4 by a 183 (59.22 percent)-126 (40.78 percent) advantage over Travis Jones.


Receiving 56.03 percent of the votes (79) Heath Radford claimed the No.4 office at Quapaw. William D. Nichols received 62 votes (43.97 percent).


Jeff Parmley was an overwhelming victor, winning by 79 votes against Shawn Stovall. Parmley picked up 85.59 percent of the vote (95 total) compared to 16 votes for Stovall.