MIAMI – A local man who was found not breathing and unresponsive at Walmart was brought back to life by a quick thinking off-duty deputy.

Ottawa County Sheriff’s Deputy Mike Wiford entered the Walmart here Thursday and discovered an elderly gentleman unconscious on the floor.

The man had no pulse, was not breathing, and his face was turning blue, according to Wiford, who sprang into action as his training had taught him to do and began performing CPR — pacing his chest compressions to the rhythm of “Stayin’ Alive,” a song by the Bee Gees.

Within seconds the man, in his 80s, regained a pulse and started breathing again. His name has not been released.

Wiford is quoted as saying he honestly believes that Got put him there at the right moment to save the man’s life.

After Integris Miami EMS arrived and took over the man’s care, Wiford said he wasn’t looking for praise. Originally not intending to tell anyone, not even his wife, he said he knows that sharing the story of what happened could serve as a reminder that having the ability to perform CPR saves lives.

Sheriff Jeremy Floyd said, “In today’s times we don’t hear a lot of positive stories coming from within the law enforcement community. This story not only makes me proud, but warms my heart.”

Originally planning to have breakfast with his daughter that morning, when she wasn’t able to join him Wiford decided to run some errands and that’s when he headed to Walmart. Little did he know that within minutes he would be saving a dying man’s life.

“I honestly believe that Deputy Wiford saved the man’s life and is a hero in my eyes for going beyond the call of duty. Please thank Deputy Wiford next time you see him,” Floyd said.

Wiford said he has no doubt that the man would have died had he not arrived when he did, because people were just walking around the unconscious man because they weren’t trained in the necessary skills to help him. He suggests that everyone take CPR classes.

To learn about information on CPR classes in Ottawa County, contact Rick Aldridge, Ottawa County Emergency Management Deputy Director, at 918-541-6056.

In addition, the National CPR Foundation is known for providing life-skill techniques online. All courses incorporate the latest ECC and OSHA guidelines and are accepted nationally and worldwide.

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