MIAMI — Two persons were arrested Monday, March 4, in conjunction with an ongoing investigation of counterfeit money in the area.

Miami police detectives served a search warrant on a room at the Hampton Inn of Miami and arrested Scott Brandon Lowe and Joan Smith in the room.

Lowe, 45, and Smith, 40, were in possession of more than $3,000 worth of counterfeit $50 bills, according to an MPD press release.

The report said they also had equipment in the room to run and print counterfeit bills.

Officers also located numerous new consumer goods that were recently purchased by the pair.

While conducting the investigation, it was learned that Lowe and Smith have printed and spent approximately $30,000 dollars in counterfeit money over the past month. The report said they had traveled to Missouri, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas.

They had reportedly spent more than $4,000 in fake money in Springfield, Missouri, over the weekend of March 2-3.

Lowe and Smith both had outstanding warrants from other jurisdictions and are being held in the Ottawa County Jail.

In addition to the counterfeiting charges, there are pending drug charges as well, the release said.

The investigation is still ongoing, and the U.S. Secret Service has been contacted, the release said.

Anyone with information or any jurisdiction with outstanding counterfeit bill charges is encouraged to contact Detective David Wright at the Miami Police Dept. at 918-542-5585.