Four municipal office election races have developed following the three-day filing period in Ottawa County that ended Wednesday, Feb. 6.

The races, which will be decided in nonpartisan balloting on Tuesday, April 2, are at Afton, where two positions will be decided, as well as Fairland.

William H. Jones, Colt Q. Collins, Dewey P. Davis, Robin Harper and Bill Joe Landrum will challenge Afton trustee incumbents Terry Maupin and George Mantooth for four-year terms (2019-2023).

Tallelisa Powers and Cindy I. Todd have filed for the position of town clerk in Afton.

At Commerce, Kenneth Leggett Jr. will challenge incumbent mayor Micheal Hart.

Also at Commerce incumbent marshal Ray Horn has drawn Danny Crafton as an opponent.

Incumbent John Finnell has drawn opposition from Brent L. Davis, William Lee Jacobberger, and Mark Goode.

Two seats on the Fairland Board of Trustees will have challengers.

Brent L. Davis will challenge incumbent John Finnell for a four year seat that runs 2019 to 2023, and Kelli Shelton will face incumbent Charles Mathis for a two-year unexpired term that runs through 2021.

Jason Lee Speer is the only person to file for a two-year unexpired term as Afton trustee.

Among the incumbents who have drawn no opposition include (all are for four-year terms unless noted):

— Commerce Ward 1, Katy Tompkins

— Commerce Ward 3, Sandra Ross

— Fairland clerk, Cheryl Pelham

— Miami council Ward 1, Brian Forrester

— Miami council Ward 2, Doug Weston

— North Miami trustee Office 1, Regina Cook

— North Miami trustee Office 3, Kay Darr

— North Miami trustee Office 2, Doug L. Johnson (two years unexpired, 2021)

— Quapaw trustee Office 3, Harold Cawyer Jr.

— Quapaw trustee Office 5, Dallas Wall, and

— Wyandotte trustee, Leon Crow

In Craig County, Jennie Carver-Keepper filed for trustee and Sheila Brigstock for clerk/treasurer at Bluejacket, but neither drew an opponent.

There were no filings for the offices of clerk/treasurer at Commerce and trustee Office 1 at Quapaw.

Polls will open at 7 a.m. on April 2 and close at 7 p.m.