LANGLEY — Just like their counterparts in Ottawa County, officers with the Mayes County Sheriff’s Office continue to pursue leads pertaining to the whereabouts of Mark Rogers.

It’s been almost two weeks since Rogers was last seen at Lari’s ResCare in Langley.

He had been a resident there for seven days before he turned up missing.

“We have reached out to numerous other law enforcement entities basically to be on the lookout with the description of him,” Mayes County investigator Damon Brant said. “We’ve been using local media and will start utilizing Facebook and other sites.”

Brant has submitted paperwork to have Rogers added to the National Missing and Unidentified Person System.

Brant and Major Rod Howell are handling the investigation.

“We have had numerous leads, but as of thus far, none of them have been what I would call viable,” Brant said.

It’s hoped that surveillance video from a couple of Langley businesses several blocks north of the residential care facility will help provide some clues.

“We have reached out to three or four people who were very close to him. Nobody said anything about him being suicidal. Nobody said anything about him ever trying to hurt himself,” Brant said. “He was down since he lost a friend about a year ago. (They say) this is not like Mark to just walk off.”

Foot, air and water searches already have been used. An additional water search utilizing sonar is in the works.

Authorities also have checked with area hospitals and ambulance services, but nothing has turned up there, either.

Rogers, 61, is 5-6 and 145 pounds. He was last seen wearing jeans, a flannel shirt and black jacket.

For 28 years, he was an advertising representative at the Miami News-Record.

Persons who might have information should call the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office at 918-542-2806or the Mayes County Sheriff’s Office at 918-825-3535.