First Presbyterian Church, All Saints Episcopal Church, and Bethany Christian Church in Miami have come together to form new joint program serving and cultivating area youth.

MIAMI – The congregations of the local First Presbyterian Church, All Saints Episcopal Church, and Bethany Christian Church have teamed up to form a joint youth group under the direction of Chelsea Peary. Peary describes her vision for the organization as “helping young people to develop relationships with their peers, with members of their churches, with Christian leaders, and with God.”

Students in grades 6 through 12 are eligible to participate in the ecumenical weekly gatherings of the youth group. Meetings are held every Sunday evening from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m., with the location rotating among the three churches. In September, the group will convene at All Saints Episcopal Church; in October, at Bethany Christian Church; and in November, at First Presbyterian Church.

“Each week, we will enjoy a supper provided by the host church, followed by activities that emphasize faith, fun, and fellowship,” said Peary. “Our time together will include worship, lessons, games, and prayer time. My husband, Ross Peary, will serve as the volunteer assistant, providing musical support,” she added.

Peary holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in elementary education from Cameron University, and she subsequently attended Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa. She is employed full-time as a K-3 special education teacher at Washington Elementary School in Miami. Pastor Ray VandeGiessen of the First Presbyterian Church commented, “When the search committee from the three churches started to look for a leader for the youth group, we had no idea that we would find someone as gifted as Chelsea!”

The group has a Facebook page named “Community Youth Group.” Persons seeking more information or who want to donate to this joint effort may call Chelsea Peary at 918-510-6488. First Presbyterian Church is located at 1410 N.E. Veterans Blvd. All Saints Episcopal Church is located at 225 B Street N.W. Bethany Christian Church is located at 2127 N. Main Street.