MIAMI – After an investigation and medical test results confirmed an 18 month-old boy ingested Amphetamine and Methamphetamine, the mother of the child has been charged with child neglect.

Cheyenne S. Foster, 24, of Miami, the mother of a then 18-month-old child, was arrested and charged on Aug. 27 with child neglect in Ottawa County District Court.

Foster was charged by the Ottawa County District Attorney's Office in connection with an Ottawa County Sheriff's investigation that resulted after dispatch informed them of the child being taken to Miami Integris Hospital on April 27 for possibly consuming Methamphetamine.

According to the details of the Probable Cause Statement filed by Detective Holli Goforth, a Department of Human Services Investigator and Goforth arrived at the hospital and made contact with Foster and conducted an initial interview.

Goforth reports Foster was visibly shaken during the questioning and told investigators she was with her two children at their home on East 111 Road in Miami and she was moving things when she noticed her son started shaking.

“Cheyenne said she put her (son) in the bath and it was not helping,” Goforth wrote in the report.

Foster told the investigator she took her son in a vehicle to take him to the hospital and called 911 and was met by emergency responders on the way down the road.

“I asked her what she thought might have happened and she said she thought he might have found one of her diet pills and swallowed it,” Goforth reported.

Foster went on to tell investigators that a previous roommate living in Foster's home used to use meth.

“I asked her if she thought he might have consumed meth, she stated no, but that she was looking through a box that was in (the roommate's) old room and didn't know if something may have fell out of it,” the investigator reports.

When questioned about her own possible drug use, Foster told the investigators she used to use, but had not smoked marijuana or used meth since about a month ago.

“I asked her the timeline that (Foster's son) was like that till she call(ed) for 911, she stated about 45 minutes,” Goforth wrote in the report.

Foster told investigators her other child, a three-year-old, was taken by a friend to her mother's home.

Goforth informed Foster the pending test results would ultimately determine if charges would be filed, and Foster was asked to come to the Sheriff's Office to fill out a written statement, but Foster did not comply.

“At the end of July I received information the test results came back that (Foster's son) had Amphetamine and Methamphetamine in his system,” Goforth wrote in the probable cause statement.

A bench warrant was issued on Aug 27 and Foster was issued a $5,000 bond in Ottawa County District Court. According to the Ottawa County District Attorney’s Office, Foster turned herself in to authorities and bonded out.