MIAMI – Buffalo Run Casino introduced their craps games Wednesday evening as Peoria Chief Craig Harper made the ceremonial first roll of the dice amidst a crowd of onlookers and media.

Buffalo Run, in Miami, is the first casino in Ottawa County to offer dice games after legislation passed earlier this year allowing craps and roulette to be played in Oklahoma.

There has been a lot of anticipation waiting for this release.

“Our phone has been ringing off the hook, we’ve been getting phone calls asking when are you going to open,” said Cindy Courtney, table games director. “ So, I think everyone in the area is very excited for it.”

Staff has been working behind the scenes to get ready for the opening.

“We are thrilled to death for it, we started training back in April as soon as we got wind of it,” Courtney said.

“I know how complex this game is being in the business for 33 years, so I knew that we had a challenge ahead of us so we started early. We got the table and we’re ready to go, my team is excited and nervous,” she said.

While the dealers have been training on the rules of the game for the last few weeks, when they put the table on the casino floor guests at the casino were asked to help out.

“We got the table out on the floor late last week and we had training chips on it and as we continued with our practice we welcomed players that if they wanted to help our team practice and learn the game they were more than welcome to step up play with us,” she said.

Since the game of craps has not been allowed in Oklahoma before now, the staff anticipates having to teach the game to a lot of people.

“We are expecting a lot of that because it’s new to the region,” Courtney said.

“Especially a game like this,” she said. “If people want to learn and if there’s one or two players they could go to the side where there’s not many players and the dealers will be more than happy to help you learn the basics.”

A minimum $5 bet is required at the craps table which they got from Las Vegas and were used there previously.

“Those rules apply on the passline,” Courtney said, “There’s a hundred other side bets you can make.”

“It can be very intimidating, but once you understand it it’s probably the funnest game in the casino to play,” Courtney said. “It’s my preference if I go out gambling like in Vegas, I love to go shoot dice. “

She said craps can definitely be a spectator game because there’s a lot of action.

“There’s a lot of stuff going on, people want to see what’s going on,” she said.

Courtney’s husband Bud has been the craps and roulette instructor for the dealers.

“He did our craps instruction, he has 25 years in the business and we are very fortunate to have him as our instructor,” she said.

Roulette will be opening on Tuesday, she said.

“It was an awful lot at once so we are staggering the openings.”