A new business started by Neece Concrete Construction, 4 State Roll Off, builds in donation system supporting U.S. Troops through The Station Foundation.

MIAMI – It's hard to find a local construction project that Neece Concrete Construction isn't part of. The Miami company has built a solid foundation on their work and community involvement, something that's important to owners Zeb Neece and his wife Maria and co-owner President of the Cole Organization, Clayton Shumaker.

The Neeces are heavily involved and engaged in giving back to the community they love.

Neece Concrete Construction has started a new business extension, 4 State Roll Off, a roll off waste container service, and as an example of the Neeces' good stewardship they have incorporated a commitment to give back through their new company.

“When we started this business we wanted to find a way that we could give back. We wanted to support our Troops, and we found a way that our customers are involved as well,” Neece said.

Neece is collecting and donating $5 of the set and pickup fee for each roll off container to support U.S. military troops.

“A good friend of mine, Troy O’Rourke, he graduated here from Miami with me, and we’ve been friends since school, was in the service and retired four or five years ago from Special Forces. He now lives in Louisiana and he’s a professional bass fisherman,” Neece said.

While the men were visiting, O’Rourke told Neece of an opportunity he had to serve and give back as a mentor to the children of fallen soldiers and Special Forces veterans to help them transition back into civilian life, called The Station Foundation. The Station Foundation headquartered in Bozeman, Montana exists to guide Special Forces warriors home after combat, restoring family and community relationships.

Their mission statement is, “ Our Nation ask more of Special Operations Forces than we can ever understand. The impacts of service stretch beyond the field to the lives of warriors and their families. We believe they deserve the same world-class support during their re-entry to civilian life that they received in combat.”

“It kind of stuck with me,” Neece said. “Troy told me he was mentoring these kids but they were blessing him in a huge way.”

Neece donates a portion of the proceeds of the 4 State Roll Off collections to support the non-profit. 4 State Roll Off has already sent a check for $1,050 from these efforts and is continuing on with the support project.

“This is just a great opportunity for us to give back, something I’m passionate about,” Neece said. “If I have any regret it’s that I didn’t go into the service. Obviously, God had a different plan for me, and I’m thankful for my life and what He’s allowed me to do. ”

At just 20 years-old Neece took over this family’s construction business after his father passed away and he has built on that foundation to create a well-known, reliable and respected company.

“I always wanted to be able to serve my country, and I’m very thankful for the ones that have done it,” he said. “Our freedom is priceless, and that’s important to me and this is a great way to be able to give back. What’s cool about it is it’s a win for everybody, our customers, we’re so thankful for them, and that’s what we’re excited about.”

4 State Roll Off offers large portable waste containers for garbage, construction waste of various types, and delivery and pickup service.

“We started this back five months ago. It’s progressing, and we’re growing. We’re very excited about the business,” Neece said. “We’ve got sizes from 15, 20, 30 and 40 yard containers. We’ve been working closely with NEO Fab also building some containment pits for job sites and construction sites required for the concrete trucks to have a place to wash out. So we’ve been getting some of those built and setting those out for customers as well.”

4 State Roll Off customers range from homeowners cleaning out a garage to contractors building homes, to commercial customers, roofers and demolition contractors.

“It’s not been one type of customer, it’s several types and that’s why we offer the little 15 yard containers for someone wanting to clean out a garage, or a barn or dealing with an estate to use,” he said. “ Nobody wants to deal with their trash, it’s a pain, and so this is a great solution.”

Neece said 4 State Roll Off started out servicing a 50-mile radius across Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas, but the business has increased as word has spread.

“It’s already grown to a 100-mile radius,” he said. “The way the customer is charged is we have a $225 set and pickup fee, based on a span of 14 days, after that we charge $10 a day.”

Special rates may also be available for contractors. Containers are picked up and the waste is taken by 4 State Roll Off for disposal at the appropriate facility, either a transfer station at $65 per ton, or landfill at $35 per ton, depending on the type of waste.

“The way the business is set up, I’m a half owner and Clayton Shumaker is the other half owner, and it’s gone well with both of our businesses,” Neece said.

Dwain Sundberg deals with customers scheduling drop off and pick up, and driver DeWayne Payne handles all the transport of the containers.

“It’s been great. It’s been fun. We get to meet a lot of nice people and network,” Neece said.

Neece also wants to go to Montana to physically help with some hands-on projects at The Station Foundation.

“Our freedom is something you can’t buy, so it’s important for me to honor those who served for me and my family and give us the freedoms and the rights that we have. We live in the greatest country in the world and without people that sacrifice their time and who served, we wouldn’t be that,” Neece said. “If I’m able to I want to. God has given me a servant’s heart, I’ve served in my church and the community, and I hope I can encourage other people to do the same thing.”

For more information on 4 State Roll Off contact the company at 918-320-0413 and learn more about The Station Foundation at www.thestationfoundation.org.

Melinda Stotts is the associate editor of the Miami News-Record. She can be emailed at mstotts@miaminewsrecord.com or followed on Twitter @MelindaStotts1.