Aaron Jonathan Creech has been hit with several charges in Ottawa County for a child sex abuse case that alleges crimes over almost a decade and in multiple states.

MIAMI – A Galena, Kansas man accused of sexually abusing a child for almost a decade is being held in the Ottawa County jail on $350,000 bail and is also facing sexual assault charges in Kansas.

Aaron Jonathan Creech, 36, is charged in Ottawa County District Court with three counts of child sexual abuse, forcible sodomy and exposing a minor to pornography.

"He (Creech) faces similar charges in Kansas," said Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Ellis McAffrey.

The abuse began in 2009 when the child was 6-years-old, according to an arrest affidavit.

"As with any crime if there are other victims, we encourage them to contact authorities," McAffrey said.

The child told investigators she had been assaulted in multiple locations, including Ottawa County, the affidavit states.

The affidavit outlines Creech would make the child "talk to someone on the phone and the person on the telephone line told her where to touch herself" and where to touch Creech.

Kansas authorities first learned of the sexual abuse after the 14-year-old victim confided in her boyfriend who then along with his father went to the Kansas authorities to report the crime.

More as the case develops.