MIAMI – A Miami man, Joseph Ryan Williams, 29, out on conditions of probation on a May 2 arrest for burglary of the Miami First Baptist Church, was arrested for a string of crimes including the Anders Shoes burglaries on July 7 and 9 and arson fire on July 10.

Williams has anticipated charges of three counts of Burglary II, Possession of Methamphetamine, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Paraphernalia, Second Degree Arson, and Knowingly Concealing Stolen Property.

According to the Miami Police Department's arrest affidavit dated July 18 prepared by Detective David Wright, during an interview on July 16, a citizen advised the MPD that Williams was in possession of meth and was continuing to use meth although this violates his rules and conditions of probation.

Williams received a deferment or suspended sentence in exchange for agreeing to the rules of probation for the May 2 burglary in Ottawa County District Court which included search without warrant or consent at any time.

MPD Detectives Mark Byfield, Tyson Barnes, and Quapaw Marshal Matt Redden made contact with Williams on July 16 at his residence in Miami. Above Williams' door detectives observed a black and white surveillance camera in the same style as one taken in a recent burglary from the Southern Stitch Boutique.

When he answered the door Williams was wearing a black and red baseball cap which matched the hat on a male suspect seen in surveillance video footage obtained from the Anders Shoes burglaries and arson.

Byfield advised Williams of the information received on the drug violations and Williams was shown a copy of the probation rules he had signed. Williams then admitted to having drugs in his room.

Williams allowed the officers to enter his residence and remained cooperative as he escorted them to his bedroom located on the second floor.

A female was found sleeping on a mattress in the bedroom. She was asked to step into the hallway.

In a search of Williams' room detectives discovered; a glass pipe with meth residue, glass pipes with marijuana residue, a grinder with marijuana residue, numerous pens, markers, pencils in packaging believed to have been taken in a July 17 Pioneer Printing burglary, a postal scale stolen from Southern Stitch Boutique, copy paper, Cross brand pen, and a Wisnet surveillance system connected to a television.

Based on the property located at the residence Williams was made aware of his Miranda Rights and signed a Waiver of Rights form and was then taken to the Miami Police Department for an interview.

During the interview, Williams told police he had received a phone call from the female stating she was locked inside Pioneer Printing and needed help getting out.

Williams claimed he went to Pioneer Printing, attempted to kick in the door but was unable to gain entry, and he did not know how the female was eventually able to exit the building.

Williams told police he returned a second night and broke through the back door of Emma's Boutique/Southern Stitch Boutique and he admitted to stealing items including the surveillance system and postal scale. He also told police he killed the power to the building during the burglary.

Wright wrote that Byfield told Williams they needed to discuss other recent crimes.

“Williams began stating he hadn't done any other burglaries since he got out of jail,” Wright wrote in the affidavit, but after he was asked by Byfield to be honest in the interview, Williams said, “I burglarized it, but I didn't burn it down.”

According to the MPD Detective's affidavit, Williams told the detectives he burglarized Anders Shoes located at 27 South Main in Miami and found less than $100 in a cash register during the first burglary.

Williams admitted to taking a set of keys and returning to the store a second night. He gained entry through the back door and told police he thought he was missing a casino card issued to him and was afraid he had dropped it in the store during the burglary.

“Williams said he was afraid of going to prison and had to burn the store in case the card was in there. Williams stated he started the fire in a small office area by setting some papers on fire and shutting the door before leaving out back,” Wright wrote in the affidavit.

Williams also told detectives he remembered placing something in a Walmart sack from the shoe store, but he could not identify or remember what the item was.

Williams was taken to the Ottawa County Jail.

The arson completely destroyed Anders Shoes, one of Miami's oldest businesses, owned and operated by 103-year-old Dena Ander.

“We are glad to find the person responsible for the Anders arson. Mr. Williams has a long history of crimes against businesses in Miami and we hope that this will protect our citizens and our business owners,” Miami Chief of Police Thomas Anderson said.