Loring will face William Leonard, Republican, in the November General Election.

OKLAHOMA CITY – State Representative Ben Loring, House District 7, Democrat, announced that he has filed to run for his third two-year term for that office. Loring said, “There is a lot of unfinished business I want to attend to, but most likely, this will be the last time I run for office. It has been a great honor and privilege to serve and represent the great people of the northeastern-most District in the State.”

Loring, who served eight years as the District Attorney for Delaware and Ottawa Counties, also served twelve years as First Assistant DA for Eddie Wyant. Loring said “As DA, I spent a lot of time handling the administrative matters of a million dollar office, and you had to be involved in just about every high profile case. As First Assistant, the big guy had all of those administrative headaches and I was able to focus my attention on the cases where I felt like I could have the most impact. I handled every case dealing with children, from deprived to neglected to delinquent to truancy to physical and sexual abuse, including child pornography. I also got to be the legal advisor for all the county office holders. It was rewarding, but after twelve years of beaten, battered and abused children, as you can imagine, it took its emotional toll. When Larry Glenn, decided not to run for the House again, it was the perfect time for me to jump over to this cause.”

Loring, now in his second term, serves as the Assistant Minority Floor Leader and is on the County and Municipal Government Committee, the Judiciary Committee, the Public Safety Committee and the all-powerful Appropriations and Budget Committee. He has been recognized as the Legislator of Year from the Oklahoma Chiefs of Police Association and has received the Bulldog and the Liberty Bell Awards from the Oklahoma District Attorney’s Association.

Loring has focused his legislative attention on Criminal Justice Reform, authoring several bills to better help the State’s overcrowded prison system. “We have to find a better way to deal with these problems,” Loring said. “Every dollar we spend early on for treatment and mental health services saves the State twenty dollars within the next year or two from the cost of incarceration. Unfortunately, most of our efforts in C.J.R. have gotten hung up in political rancor. This has got to change, for the sake of our State, we have to fix this problem.”

Previously, Loring spent twenty years in the private practice of law, served as the municipal judge for the towns of Afton, Fairland and Wyandotte, and served as the City Attorney for Miami, a part-time job he has recently resumed. He served for fifteen years on the Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth and spent three terms as its Chairman. He has been involved in many community activities, as a Rotarian, serving as the Vice Chairman of the Partnership for Ottawa County Youth (POCY, now POCI), a Miami youth sports baseball and basketball coach and as a Boy Scout leader for more than thirty years. The Loring family attends Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Miami.

Loring is married to Barbara, a thirty-eight-year special education teacher with Miami Public Schools and has two sons, David and Ian. Loring is proud to point out that both of his sons achieved the rank of Eagle in Boy Scouts and both served in the U. S. Army. David served as the armorer for his combat engineer unit in the First Infantry and Ian spent a year as the machine gunner at Combat Outpost, Zerok on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border, with Easy Company of the 101st Airborne Division. This is the unit whose WWII story was told in the Tom Hanks mini-series “Band of Brothers,” which happened to be Ian’s favorite show during high school. Today, David is a manager at Crest Foods in Edmond, OK, and Ian works at Ozark Armory in Springdale, AK.

Loring will face William Leonard, Republican, in the November General Election.

To learn more about his campaign visit http://loringforstaterep.org.