Hostage situation in southern Delaware County turned deadly Monday afternoon.

OAKS — A hostage situation in Delaware County turned deadly on Monday after law enforcement officers shot and killed a man who broke into a rural residence and held a disabled man at gunpoint.

A second suspect was taken into custody after being on the run for several hours, said Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Colby Overstreet and Delaware County Sheriff Harlan Moore during a news conference after the four-hour standoff ended.

The names of the two suspects were not released.

Connie Manley identified the victim as her husband, Tony Manley, either 55 or 56 years old.

“He was pistol-whipped but he is OK and has been released (from the hospital),” said Chris Couch, Manley’s stepson.

Connie Manley said her husband was on disability.

Neighbors were evacuated and the road to a cluster of eight residences — located between Oaks and Twin Oaks about a mile and half from U.S. 412 — was blocked off during the standoff.

Gunfire was heard in the residence and negotiations broke down shortly thereafter, prompting authorities to enter the residence.

“Shots were fired and the suspect was killed,” Overstreet said. He would not elaborate on the number of shots fired or which officers were involved.

Earlier in the day, the two suspects were driving what authorities said was a stolen car and were spotted by an OHP trooper and a Delaware County sheriff’s deputy, who had pulled off the highway and were discussing a rash of burglaries in Delaware and Cherokee counties, he said.

The officers pursued the suspects for about 2 miles before the suspects turned onto 575 Road, crashing the vehicle in a field, then fleeing on foot, Overstreet said.

One suspect fled and the other suspect broke into the Manley’s mobile home, he said.

About 50 officers — with the Grand River Dam Authority Police, Delaware County Sheriff’s Office, Colcord and Kansas police departments and OHP — responded to the scene around 10 a.m.