The Miami City Council addresses streets, Civic Center renovation, and progress on city-wide cleanup.

MIAMI – The Miami City Council approved a work order with Olsson Associates for street mill and overlay survey or core testing to be completed not to exceed $40,000. The expense is within the City's street project budget.

The mill and overlay work is the next phase in the City of Miami's street program to address some of the more highly traveled secondary/residential streets classified as a “four” or that have just pavement failure, with “five” streets being classified as in need of full depth replacement.

“We've got proposed streets to core to make sure we've got a good base in order to mill and overlay them. Now if they core any of those streets and find that the base is bad it will be taken off of that list,” Public Works Director Alicia Hogan said. “It does no good to overlay and mill a street that's got no base because you're going to lose it anyway.”

Olsson's Shaun McConnaughey said normally the core samples are taken 150 feet apart, but the goal is to attempt to do two core street samples per block to help ensure the street is sampled amply enough.

The work order agreement specifies the use of a four-inch bit core barrel penetrating approximately 36 inches deep every 150 feet.

“If we can get away with a mill and overlay on these, and that's why we need to do the coring, then we can really stretch our dollars and do quite a few, and that way we're just concentrating on the core sampling,” Kruithof said.

Once the core sampling is completed, Olsson will provide the City with the location and test results to include the extent of existing soil at the site, a photo and thickness of the existing pavement, groundwater measurements, and recommendation for pavement mill and overlay section thickness. A bid packet will then be created form the survey and the project let out for bidding.

A Zipper machining process will be used to repair residential streets with less traffic.

“What the zipper does is, it comes in and it reincorporates the asphalt there into your base to help build up your base and then you can come in and do a chip seal or something that is less cost than an actual overlay would be,” Hogan said.

Change order number one was approved by council for a contract with Crossland Construction serving as Construction Manager At Risk for the Miami Civic Center renovation construction project.

“The long and short of it gentlemen is while doing decking repair which is in the original contract in the northeast corner of the gym we ran into a beam that is no longer structurally sound,” Matt Gath with Crossland explained to council members. “There's approximately a two to three foot area where the beam should be 16 inches thick but it's two inches thick. Water has deteriorated that beam.”

Engineers determined a new beam needs to be poured and steel plates added to the buttress taking 45 days and $42,950 to complete.

“I honestly don't know how it's still sitting there,” Gath said.

An added wall to the front entry is included at a cost of $605, and a column wrap for the new council/courtroom of $1,837 are also part of the change order, and $1,200 was credited back for a soffit not needed.

After $14,221 and $950 for Crossland's superintendent and truck scope added costs and a return of $10,627 in contingency funds, the total change order construction costs of $57,265 was approved.

Of the $2.4 million budgeted for the entire project, $130,457 is estimated in the remaining project budget.

Approval was made to allow a temporary deviation from the City's Parks policy to allow Oklahoma Freewheel participants to camp overnight on June 15, with 550 to 700 cyclists expected to participate in the event.

Approval was given for the bid document plan to develop bid packets for the City of Miami's Multi-Purpose Sports Complex at Red Robertson Fields South End Honors Plaza which is anticipated to be put out for bid opening by April 11.

An update and action on the progress of the Splash Pad was tabled until the April 3 Miami City Council meeting.

Miami native Eli Hale was recognized by Councilman Doug Weston for his accomplishments as Miami's first national college wrestling champion at the NCAA Division Two Champion and MIAA Wrestler of the Year.

“He transferred to Central Oklahoma and went undefeated this year. He's our first, so congratulations Eli,” Weston said.

Kruithof gave an update on the City of Miami's Spring Trash Cleanup saying from the northwest and southwest parts of Miami 162 trash loads converted into 132.28 tons, five-yard waste tons and this year 637 tires all in one week.

“People always ask what the most unusual thing we've picked up, I think hands down, last week we got two fiberglass boats,” Kruithof said. “Who knows what we might find this week.”

Melinda Stotts is the associate editor of the Miami News-Record. She can be emailed at or followed on Twitter @MelindaStotts1.