Kevin Stitt, a Republican candidate in the gubernatorial race for governor, made a campaign swing through Ottawa County recently.

MIAMI — Kevin Stitt thinks he breaks the mold of those running for public office in Oklahoma.

“I look at who’s running for governor and to me, it just looks like more of the same – career politicians running in the next election,” said Stitt, a Republican candidate for Oklahoma governor who is CEO of Tulsa-based Gateway Mortgage Group.

“We need an outsider and a fresh approach to turn our state around.”

Stitt made a campaign swing through Ottawa County recently.

“I don’t think anything is going to change if we keep electing the same folks.”

“I think we need a leader. I think we need new leadership. I think the people I am running against are nice folks, but I think if we keep electing the same guys that got us into this mess, nothing’s going to change.”

He said he has five pillars that he runs Gateway Mortgage on and thinks running the state is similar.

In his bid for governor Stitt list his five pillars for the state as prioritizing economic prosperity, reforming our education system, improving our infrastructure, fostering a healthy Oklahoma, and common sense efficiency.

“We know as conservative Republicans that we’ve got to deliver services to our citizens. Let’s just do it effectively, efficiently and better than the other states,” Stitt said.

He grew up in Norman and said he used to hang out with the children of former Miamian Tinker Owens.

Ironically, he attended Bedlam rival Oklahoma State, where he received an accounting degree.

“I am a lifelong Oklahoman and so frustrated when I travel to other states and visit our offices in Texas, Tennessee, and Arkansas and see the momentum coming out of these other markets,” Stitt said. “It’s so frustrating when I come back to Oklahoma and we are down in the dumps. We are going to four-day school weeks, we’ve got a budget nightmare.”

There are currently 12 candidates campaigning for the 2018 Oklahoma gubernatorial race. Among them are six Republicans including Stitt, three Democrats, and three Libertarians.

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