Miami has been greatly receptive to the appetizing sushi and hibachi served from the MOSA food truck.

MIAMI – It's a bit of city life now available in Miami. Bigger cities have been enjoying food truck cuisine for years, and now the growing concept of portable restaurants has made its way to smaller cities across America.

Now Miami has a food truck regularly serving customers at 505 North Main Street, MOSA Hibachi & Sushi Japanese Express.

The food truck craze offers access to some of the best-tasting food and treats served from the windows of mobile trucks such as barbecue, baked goods, ethnic cuisines of all kinds and more.


When MOSA first opened in Miami in front of a vacant gas station, a huge line of hungry customers wound from the parking lot to the bright green truck daily. Lunch and dinner still bring a steady stream of hungry diners to the MOSA truck offering delicious Japanese hibachi and sushi dishes.

Owner M. Nagib is originally from Indonesia and moved to the States in 2001. Before creating MOSA, Nagib worked in several U.S. states in the restaurant business working his way up from serving as a busboy and waiter to a sushi chef in a New York restaurant, and then in Joplin since 2007.

“Before I was a chef in a Japanese restaurant in Joplin where you cook in front of the customer,” Nagib said. “I used to work in New York, Pennsylvania for three years, Maryland for five years, and then Florida for a year. After that, I heard this story that my friend was opening food trucks in Arkansas, and I was interested and moved to Arkansas.”

Nagib’s friend owns 20 similar food trucks located in cities and towns across Arkansas and in Neosho, Missouri, which gave the entrepreneur the idea to create his own food truck restaurant in Miami in March of 2017.

“This worked, people were interested and buying it and so I just had to follow their path,” Nagib said. “I opened here because I saw good progression here, and it’s not really a small city, it’s big, and then Miami didn’t have any Japanese restaurants or food. This is my first food truck but I was learning on the food trucks my friend has for some time.”

Miami has been greatly receptive to the appetizing sushi and hibachi served from the MOSA food truck.

“I chose Miami because Arkansas was already full, “ Nagib said with a laugh. “My friend already put food trucks in all the smaller cities, and then I looked in Oklahoma. When people come, they say, ‘Thank you, I loved it, please stay.’ We appreciate people saying they that.”

Sushi and Hibachi

Diners can get a wide variety of sushi from basic rolls to deep fried rolls and hibachi combos and specials with sides and sauces all conveniently packed up and served in white styrofoam takeout containers.

Sushi is a Japanese dish of specially prepared vinegared rice, combined with a variety of ingredients such as seafood and vegetables.

Hibachi is Japanese for “fire bowl,” a traditional Japanese cooking device used to grill foods for different rice and noodle blends mixed with vegetables and grilled meats.

A delicious “YumYum” sauce, a blend of mayonnaise, spices and tomato paste or teriyaki sauce kicks up the flavor when added to dishes, and both are popular condiments at MOSA.

With lower overhead and fewer expenses of a brick and mortar restaurant, MOSA's prices are very reasonable.

“It is more expensive to build,” Nagib said.

Most rolls range from $5 to $10 and the most expensive dishes served from the MOSA truck are hibachi combos at $12.56.

Nagib’s food truck is equipped with a flat hibachi grill, a sushi table, refrigerators, storage, a deep fryer, hot food steamers and two rice cookers.

Food trucks are regularly inspected and licensed just as regular restaurants are, according to Nagib.

“The inspector comes regularly every two months,” he said.

Food on wheels

On a busy weekend, MOSA has four employees and chefs, including sushi chef M. Syafiq/S.M. Caplin, per shift working on the truck and serves approximately 100 to 180 customers or more on an average day.

“The weekdays are slower,” Nagib said, “We take call-in orders and then we look at how many tickets we have and then tell them how many minutes before they should come to pick up their order.”

The MOSA food truck sits in front of a building used for storage and prep work done daily to offer fresh ingredients.

“Every day we come by 10 o’clock and then we open by 11 in the morning,” Nagib said. “When it gets slow we go back in the building and prepare over there and sometimes inside the truck too.”

Nagib has created a menu full of delicious and unique food that MOSA’s customers crave.

“The thing everybody wants is the sushi. The Super Crunchy Roll, Cowboy Roll and Miami Roll and Rainbow Roll and a special Philadelphia Roll are all favorites for sushi,” Nagib said. “The first year we opened we used the same menu, but for sushi, we added more menu items and have four sushi menus now, because people are interested and like it when we add more things the chef creates.”

The MOSA food truck is here to stay should anyone worry that this Miami favorite may move.

“I think I’m going to focus on this one first, but maybe in the future, if we see a building in Miami I may go in a building, but I haven’t found one yet,” he said.

Hooked on MOSA

Of 164 reviews on MOSA's Facebook page, 151 respondents gave MOSA a rating of five out of five stars.

“So glad to have this option in Miami! The hibachi and sushi are delicious!” Linda Jordan posted.

Colleen Garrett posted this review, “The food was amazing, and the price was so affordable. The person behind the counter was super nice and the food came out fast. Will definitely eat here again!!”

“Love most everything on the menu and am in love with the noodles. My favorite roll is the Cowboy. If they make a mistake, they fix it. Most meals are done in 10 minutes and they are just a phone call away. Definitely a must try place. They will keep you coming back!” Alisha Brodrick posted in a review.

Nagib said plans are to offer daily specials starting in April and to continue serving sushi and hibachi to Miami’s loyal MOSA customers from the window of the bright green food truck.

MOSA is open Monday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. for lunch, and then from 4:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. for dinner. The truck is closed on Sundays. Orders can be placed by calling 918-541-6328. MOSA also offers catering.

Melinda Stotts is the associate editor of the Miami News-Record. She can be emailed at or followed on Twitter @MelindaStotts1.