Miami barber Ed Burchett has announced his retirement and the closing of his barber shop a long time downtown fixture.

MIAMI — Longtime Miami barber Ed Burchett has put away his clippers for good.

Burchett recently closed his shop at 11 1st Ave. NE.

“I appreciate all my good customers and friends,” Burchett said. “I have had a lot of my customers call me.”

He had loyal customers, both in the Miami area as well as some who lived in Fairland, Bluejacket, Welch, Chetopa, and Afton.

He even had one regular customer who would make the drive from Claremore to get a trim.

“I used to have four guys who would come together,” Burchett said. “One of them was a car dealer, another ran a DX service station, the other was an electrician and there was another guy.”

Burchett, who turns 91 on May 13, has been battling illness, which led him to retire.

He had been a barber in Chelsea for 30 years then moved to Miami, where he’s been in business for the last 28.

Burchett’s wife died, leading him to make the move to Miami.

“I talked to Paul Buffington (another longtime Miami barber) and he let me move my barber chair to his place,” Burchett said. “I was there for three years (until Buffington’s death).”

He then took off on his own.

“That’s been a good location,” Burchett said.

He’s seen things change over the years.

“When we started, we could shave people, but when AIDS broke out, they sent us a letter saying they wouldn’t recommend us to shave. That’s when I quit.

“I used to have a guy come in every morning just for a shave.”