Quapaw Tribal Fire/EMS was assisted by the town of Peoria and Quapaw's Fire Departments.

QUAPAW – Fast-moving flames destroyed two vehicles, a travel trailer, a carport and part of the home of Tink and JoOuita Smith Sunday afternoon at 5251 South 630 Road in Quapaw.

Despite the destruction, due to the family's call to 911 and the fast response of the Quapaw Tribe Fire/EMS, the Smith's home was not totally destroyed and no one was injured in the blaze.

“Tink's daughter pulled in from town and they went into the travel trailer to get something, I'm not sure what, and when they walked back out of the travel trailer a couple minutes later the car was smoking really bad and it burst into flames,” Quapaw Tribe Fire Chief Jeff Reeves said.

The fire burned fast and spread catching another car parked nearby, the travel trailer and carport, according to Reeves.

Reeves said he believes the Smith's daughter called 911 dispatch at 12:26 p.m., but the Fire Chief said he would know more details once a routine investigation is completed.

“It actually burnt two cars up,” Reeves said. “From there it progressed to the carport into the north end of the house.”

Quapaw Tribe firefighters arrived on site within seven minutes of the call to the station.

“We shut it off right there at the north end of the house,” Reeves said. “Cars burn quickly and burn extremely hot and they are full of plastics and styrofoam.”

Reeves said the family reacted quickly and properly to ensure everyone's safety first and foremost. No injuries were reported.

“It had already progressed to the point I don't think it was safe for them to do anything,” Reeves said. “It's best to just get away from it. It's not worth it. It can be replaced. If you do get caught in a situation where you have a fire at home or in your vehicle just get away, call 911, and let the fire department do their job. That's what happened yesterday and things worked out as well as they possibly could.”

The exact cause of the vehicle fire is still unknown but is most probably the result of an engine malfunction, according to Reeves.

Reeves said preliminary fire damage estimates of losses include the travel trailer at $30,000, two cars at $15,000 to $20,000 each, and carport damages for a total of more than $75,000 alone before contents and other damages are added.

The fire loss was insured according to Reeves, and the Smith family has been given temporary shelter at a nearby hotel.

“I want to say how thankful we are that no one was injured, as well as grateful for Jeff Reeves and Quapaw Fire and our friends and family,” Tink Smith said later. “We are all safe and so thankful for everyone that helped us or reached out and offered help.”

Quapaw Tribal Fire/EMS was assisted by the town of Peoria and Quapaw's Fire Departments.

“It was a great stop,” Reeves said. “The guys made a great stop on the fire and saved the majority of the home for them. I'm real proud of them.”

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