Typical Oklahoma weather, most locals would say, but still remarkable.

MIAMI – The frigid and frozen well below zero temperatures and frostbite level wind chills made the latest northeastern Oklahoma weather event one to talk about.

Ottawa County residents couldn't pile on enough sweaters, gloves, and hats to stay warm when temperatures dropped to lows of zero to -8, -10 and 12 -degrees in some areas from the week before's temps of 50s to low 60s. This coming week’s forecast predicts temperatures back up to the 60s.

Typical Oklahoma weather, most locals would say, but still remarkable.

The freezing temps and icy roadways from snowfall forced all Ottawa County schools to call off classes for Tuesday and Wednesday following Monday’s national holiday.

Local law enforcement members worked numerous incidents of jackknifing trucks and vehicles sliding off roadways and into ditches prompting officials to ask motorists to stay off the road and stay home.

“We were very fortunate during this event we had few accidents, however, our street department jumped on the roads and made them as safe as possible," Miami’s Police Chief and Emergency Management Director Thomas Anderson said.

“We were glad to see most people using caution while driving and most of our community heeded the warnings and limited travel to only that required. There were a few cars in ditches, however for the most part, we had safe travelers.”

According to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, hazardous conditions struck highways in Craig, Delaware, Nowata, Osage, Ottawa and Washington counties in Oklahoma.

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