Fire struck Miami's NOCA building early Tuesday, displacing 30 residents.

MIAMI – A Jan. 2 structure fire caused severe damage to the NOCA (Northeastern Oklahoma Council on Alcoholism) building located on 130 West Steve Owens Boulevard in Miami. The building houses 30 residents and is used as an in-patient alcohol and substance abuse treatment facility.

The Miami Fire Department (MFD) answered an alarm call at 3:37 a.m. early Tuesday morning and arrived within two minutes of the call, according to the department's incident report prepared by the officer in charge, James Panter.

While in route Quapaw Tribe Fire/EMS was requested to the scene to assist with mutual aid.

Upon arrival, the MFD reports finding fire coming through the roof on the east side of the west wing of the building. A hose line was pulled from Engine No. 12 to attack the fire in this area, and the building's sprinkler system had activated in the mechanical room where the fire had initiated.

The fire extended through the ceiling into the attic, the MFD report indicates.

Firefighters hooked a hose to the hydrant on the corner of west Steve Owens and B Street NW with Ladder Truck No. 11 and connected to the sprinkler system with more lines, and a request was made to dispatch to call in six more firefighters from another shift.

Firefighters were able to access the attic by pulling the ceiling and using a chainsaw.

A separate fire was located on the same side of the west wing approximately 50 feet south of the initial fire that was coming from the electrical junction box.

Firefighters pulled the ceiling and were able to extinguish this fire using pike poles and a hose line. They cut holes in the north end of the west wing to help ventilate the building and pulled up the metal roof in the area of the fire's origin to gain access to enable them to fully extinguish the fire.

No serious injuries were incurred, but one firefighter, Lt. Hessee cut his finger and was sent to the ER for stitches.

The ignition point of the fire is listed as the machinery room or area and the source is listed as electrical arcing igniting in wood in the interior ceiling, and the cause as under investigation.

According to the MFD's estimates the losses totaled $80,000 due to damages with $60,000 in property damages and $20,000 in content damages.

According to NOCA all residents were uninjured and have been rehoused in hotels rooms or at NOCA's Commerce location. The building was insured and is in the process of damages being repaired so the location so residents can return.

NOCA is a non-profit drug rehabilitation center offering extensive substance abuse treatment to three counties in the state of Oklahoma. NOCA has been in existence since 1975, providing residential and outpatient services to chemically dependent individuals and their families. NOCA emphasizes community action designed to increase the public understanding of polychemical abuse, according to NOCA's website.