Reports from City departments give an overview of Miami's progress over the past year full of highlights affecting the community.

MIAMI – The City of Miami has had a busy year full of challenges and accomplishments. City Manager Dean Kruithof tasked each department with providing a year in review report. Each report was posted on the City of Miami's Facebook page to help inform residents of all the city staff and crews have achieved in the calendar year of 2017.

The reports give an overview of Miami's progress over the past year full of highlights affecting the community.

Community Development/Code Compliance

Community Development/Code Compliance brought abatement back in-house, secured a grant, worked through the Eagle Picher demolition in preparation for the City's new Splash Pad, and worked on major building projects.

The department performed or facilitated 1,950 Nuisance Code inspections/re-inspections, 13 demolitions, 821 property corrections by owner/tenant, filed $91,661 in liens for demolitions and since May of 2017 performed 154 abatements and invoiced $75,559 in abatement costs.

Projects included the Eagle Picher building demo at a cost of over $500,000 paid for by an ODEQ Brownsfield grant, closing the Follis landfill and clean up along East Steve Owens Blvd.

The department has issued 243 building, sign, storm shelter and storage building permits, and 1,083 building, mechanical, electrical and plumbing inspections.

2017 building projects included the $9 million Rt. 66 Landing project, which added 18 single-family homes and 24 one and two bedroom apartments for added quality lower income housing in Miami. The department was involved in Miami Public School bond projects, Miami Auto Supercenter building project, the new Thulin Automotive, Rexwinkle State Farm buildings, the NEO Community Action Agency's four new single-family homes and the Boys and Girls Club remodel.

Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau

It was a big year for the Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau hosting the Dec. 3, 2017, sanctioned National Junior College Athletic Association football bowl game, one of only seven such games across the U.S. The event was hugely attended by 4,600 people.

The MCVB also served as hosts for the Region 2 NJCAA Soccer Championship in late October.

Both events have been sanctioned for 2018 and 2019.

Increasing and expanding marketing efforts to digital outlets through targeted ads has delivered 9,535 users to the MCVB's website and banner ads have brought 21,686 more users to the website and generated 7,587,727 ad impressions.

For the 15th year in June the Oklahoma Eight-Man Football Coaches Association All-Star Football game kicked off in Miami bringing 80 players, and 25 coaches and counselors, along with fans to Miami.

The MCVB reported hotel tax collections for FY/16/17 brought in an additional $64,940 in revenue, or 2 percent gain of $4,698 in hotel tax funds to the department's budget.

Nine motorcoach bus tour groups were hosted by the MCVB this past year.

For the eighth straight year, Rodeo Miami was awarded the ACRA Rodeo of the Year title.

The MCVB team continues to lead the annual Miami All-School Reunion with 400 in attendance in 2017 and plans for the 2018 event are scheduled for Mar. 2-3.

Recreation Division

Working closely with local youth sports organizations, the Recreation Division, is serving as a point of contact between these groups and the City to facilitate a centralized calendar for city facility use to offer athletic opportunities to area youth.

The 4-State Slammer softball tournament in October brought 28 teams from four states to Miami with more sports tournaments planned for 2018.

Finance Department

The duties of the Finance Department are to make sure all budgets are balanced and every city account is in order and current. The department manages 31 independent, self-balancing fund accounts ultimately processing all deposited or spent monies.

In 2017 the department processed an approximate total of 4,620 invoices for the City, MSUA, MDRA, and MCFA, processed 5,200 credit card invoices.

The Finance Department's Fiscal year 16/17 audit was completed on time.

Street Department

The Miami Street Department worked through 2017 to maintain 112 miles of paved streets by sweeping, removing snow and ice, repairing potholes, and performing minor asphalt and concrete paving jobs. The department also provided maintenance for traffic signage, bridges, and drainage systems.

In 2017 the crews repaired 2,500 potholes, used 3,755 gallons of tar, 170 tons of asphalt, 5,370 pounds of asphalt crack filler, and had 15 utility cut repairs since October, did repair on the parking lot between Central and 1st SW (Behind Security Bank) removing all Sweetgum trees, and widening sidewalks.

The department was also responsible for road closures for events and parades.

In 2018 the department will next tackle the parking lots between Central and 1st NW behind Chapters, and between Central and 1st NE across from the Post Office, between 1st and 2nd NE south of the Library and all other city-owned parking lots will be crack and slurry sealed. Projects are planned for West Central and Main Street as well as a list of 41 street sections.

Miami Police Department

The Miami Police Department of 30 total commissioned officers, 21 on patrol, two are School Resource Officers, five are Detectives, and two are administrators, has had a busy year handling 17,500 total 911 calls in 2017. There were 122,908 admin calls handled through the dispatch center in 2017.

The department made 918 arrests, issued 1,206 tickets, worked 336 accidents and added their first K9 Officer Niko, three full-time officers, and two new patrol cars. The 4th Annual Citizens' Police Academy drew 21 attendees.

The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 121 sponsored the first “Daddy and Princess Autumn Ball” in October.

The department's Honor Guard marched in several local parades.

The MPD won the "Guns and Hoses Blood Drive" competition this year against the Miami Fire Department which brought in 118 donors total and helped 360 families through the Ottawa County Angel Tree program.

All dispatchers obtained National Incident Management System certification, and a communications training coordinator position was added.

The emergency calls work system in the dispatch center was upgraded and two new dispatchers were added.

Miami Fire Department

In 2017 the Miami Fire Department responded to 104 fires, tested 363 hydrants and painted 11, inspected 69 businesses, and taught 25 CPR/First Aid classes with over 189 people attending.

All 26 MFD firefighters have taken Fire Rescue 1 and are completing Inspector One certificates.

2,746 area students attended the firefighters Fire Prevention Show at the Coleman Theatre over three days, and through Fire Pup provided 1,009 coloring books, pencils, hats, and bracelets to give students during station tours.

The firefighters assisted Vance Ford, Security Bank, the Lioness Club, Welch State Bank and individuals provide 75 coats to elementary school students.

The MFD attended MHS Career Day, read books to Wilson students, raised $632 for Integris Foundation's Breast Cancer program, hosted the KSN weather tour, participated in the Guns and Hoses blood drive, received a $500 donation form Vance Ford to purchase and distribute 83 smoke detector and the Pilot Club purchased a new receiver for the MFD's Project lifesaver and received a $200 donation from the Lioness Club for fire prevention.

The department collected fire subscription fees from 136 residents and received five claims from Fire Recovery USA.

The MFD participated in two homecoming parades, the Veteran's parade, and Christmas Parade, the British Flyer's Ceremony and Rt. 66 run.

Electric Department

Miami's Electric Department maintained 144 miles of primary lines and services, and three substations, as well as responded to daily service calls at all hours of the day and night.

Lights and the intersection of Steve Owens Blvd and Hwy. 69A were rewired along Central and A Street.

The Line Crew delivered and decorated a community Christmas tree at a lot on Main Street in front of Security Bank, a tradition the department plans on continuing.

Department projects are in the works for 2018 of the Nichols Substation built in the 70s to be completely rebuilt, and the traffic signal at Steve Owens Blvd. and Main Street is the process of getting a facelift through an 80/20 ODOT grant.


The Right-of-Way (ROW) crews keep the electric lines in Miami clear of trees to ensure not only the safety of the linemen but to keep lines clear of falling limbs during wind and ice storms.

A tree-trimming service contractor helps with the ongoing tree trimming along Miami's alleys, driveways and backyard, and internal ROW crew is responsible for communicating work orders to the contractor.

The ROW crew finished 20 of the 104 plats on their rotation cycle, chipped 167 tons of wood, completed 150 work orders and helped other departments when needed.

Water Department

The Water Department maintains all water and sewer lines, and endless task This past year the department replaced 5, 500 feet of water lines, installed 90 new services, 10 new fire hydrants, installed new 8-inch poly main line by Miami Integris Hospital, performed 151 main and service line repairs, 20 new tap installations, 248 meter changes, and 2,339 locates.

The department made 251 water sample draws including testing for Bacti, Trihalomethane, Halo acetic Acids, Volatile Organic Compounds, Radio Chemicals. Inorganic Chemicals, Metazachlor, Lasso, Atrazine, Dicamba, Glyphosate, and Nitrate-Nitrate. They maintained 11 wells and wells 1-8, 11, and 12 have 365 chlorine and PH tests each year and performed 4,380 chlorine tests.

The department is tasked with maintaining 243 miles of sewer lines, and cleared 63 sewer line stoppages and slip lined a 10-inch sewer pipe from the alley west of I Street to L Street NE.

Human Resources/Risk Management

Human Resources/Risk Management's duties include risk management, workers compensation, benefits, payroll, personnel policies, and employment. The City of Miami continues to be one of the top employers in Ottawa County, with 213 full-time and part-time employees, plus almost 100 seasonal employees each year for the Swimming pool and Rec Programs.

The department established the G.R.O.W. Employee Recognition Program which included a quarterly employee newsletter and luncheon, “Catch Me At My Best” awards and a yearly “Walk In My Shoes” award, and a city employee health and wellness program.

Customer Service Center

This busy and visible department takes all incoming phone calls and handled 7,284 active utility accounts, 2,800 work orders for connects, disconnects and transfers, 108 work orders for light repairs, 2,209 meter re-reads, 268 meter changes and 77,070 payment inputs.

IT Department

The IT Department keeps the City's computers running as well as the daily operation of systems, phones, and points of sale in all departments including police laptops, security systems, and the 911 system.

This past year the department assisted in installing a new system at the Travel Information Center, connected both fire stations and the wastewater treatment plant to the City's internal network, replaced a 16-year-old phone system and redesigned the layout of the network at the Civic Center and City Hall.

During the remodel, IT redesigned the layout of the Civic Center network and connected roughly 5,000 feet of network cable to all relocated departments.

Miami Regional Airport

Lots of improvements were made in 2017 at the Miami Regional Airport including a completed jet pad, purchase of a new fuel truck, added a pilot's lounge, repairs to plane hangars, painted trim on the building and now offers a rental plane and instructor for flying lessons.

The Airport acquired an aircraft which is being renovated for a future raffle to raise funds and was the recipient of donated artwork and handmade model aircraft now on display in the lobby.

Solid Waste

The Solid Waste Department picked up a total of 18,708 tons of waste in 2017. This total included 5,880 loads or 2,269 tons of yard waste, 13,600 loads or 8,228 tons of trash and construction debris, and 2,655 tires transported to the plant.

During the Citywide cleanup, 365 loads or 268 tons were collected and on Free Saturdays 1,530 loads or 389 tons of waste.

Loads and tonnage collected by Solid waste Collectors from residential and commercial trash collectors totaled 1,320 loads or 7,552 tons. All residential trash is picked up in just 4 days every week. This equals one quadrant of Miami every day. All commercial trash is picked up 6 days of the week and commercial routes run on all holidays except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

Coleman Theatre Beautiful

2017 marked another year in the rich history of the Coleman, which served as the venue for proms, weddings, banquets, lunches on stage and dance recitals. Events in the theatre widely ranged from the Mullendore documentary 'Footprints in the Dew' by columnist Dale R. Lewis, organist Dennis James a special Ragtime salute by Oklahoma Broadway legend Ron Young, and Mezzo- Soprano Desiree Dillon, and Riders in the Sky, ESPN's 30 for 30 documentary on Oklahoma boxer Tommy Morrison, to a sold-out performance by Branson's Shoji Tabuchi.

In August the Coleman and downtown Miami were the location of the Fox Sports 1 outdoor televised boxing match.

Oscar-nominated film editor and Miami native Carol Littleton was honored and added to the Celebrity Park Wall of Fame as well as the rededication of the bronze plaque for Miami natives Steve and Cassie Gaines, musicians and singers for the legendary rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd.

A new water chiller, new lower level doors, were installed in the historic Coleman, and the building got a good cleaning and fresh coat of paint. It also marked the first time since the theatre opened that the design accents on the theatre have been highlighted with a different color.

The staff continued leading thousands of tours of Miami's Crown Jewel on Route 66 drawing and showcasing the area to many visiting tourists and organizations.

Miami Public Library

The Miami Public Library was a busy hub of activity in 2017 checking out 67,374 audiobooks, DVDs and books, 15,616 ebooks and downloadable audio and video, offered 197 programs with 4,956 attendees, and saw 20,328 internet sessions on the library's 10 patron computers and 1,563 wireless sessions.

The Library applied for and received $42,804 in grants.

The MPL has issued a total of 12,731 library cards, has 43,776 physical books, 38,439 eBooks, 3,284 books on CD/Videos and DVDs, 9,663 downloadable audio and video and 38 licensed databases.

Parks Department

The Parks Department maintains 13 parks and five sports complexes year round, pools, tennis courts, skate parks, fairgrounds, and ball fields. They mowed and maintained 250 acres and 45 miles of ditches and roadways.

The Miami Summer Recreational Program for local children had an enrollment of 460 children with a daily average of 200 in attendance.

The City's two wading pools and Municipal Swimming Pool hold an incredible one million gallons of water and had 15,103 total swimmers.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

For 2017 the WWTP treated 751 million gallons of raw water, approximately 2.2 million gallons daily.

The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) requires the WWTP to monitor the amount of raw wastewater (influent) that enters the plant and report on the amount of treated water (effluent) discharge to the Neosho River. The plant has passed all of our required limitations and reported them to ODEQ so far this year and must monitor pH, dissolved oxygen daily and biochemical oxygen demand, total suspended solids weekly and quarterly biomonitoring, and semi-annual testing.

Meter Reading

Every month two meter reader employees physically walk and manually read roughly 12,600 meters. This totals to roughly 151,000 meters every year and both meter readers walk between seven to 10 miles every day.

City of Miami Animal Control

Dec. 2, 2017, marked the one year anniversary of the opening of the Ketcher/Keheley Animal Shelter. In 2017 Animal Control had 65 cat and 20 dog surrenders, 150 cats and 271 dogs at large, 1 cat and 95 dogs reclaimed, 17 cats and 87 dogs adopted, 82 cats and 83 dogs sent to rescues, and nine dogs adopted by City employees.

The department fields five to 20 calls per day and teamed with the Miami News-Record for a “Pet of the Week" campaign to showcase adoptable shelter animals, and Animal Control participated in the NEO Homecoming Parade.

G.A.R. Cemetery

In 2017 GAR Cemetery was highlighted in the International Cemetery Cremation and Funeral Association magazine for the 2016 British Fliers Remembrance Ceremony.

G.A.R. crews planted Crepe Myrtle trees and AmeriCorps volunteers scraped, sanded and painted several feet of the ornate wrought iron fencing surrounding the cemetery.

Boy Scouts and volunteers placed 2,000 American flags for Veteran's Day.

Melinda Stotts is the associate editor of the Miami News-Record. She can be emailed at or followed on Twitter @MelindaStotts1.