For many years, I have heard people claim that their newly deceased loved one is now a guardian angel watching over family and friends. The Old Testament refers to angels 108 time where the New Testament refers to angels 165 times. With this much information, we can extrapolate exactly what an angel is. While the Bible does not give a specific number of angels, it does give some information. “...twelve legions of angels”(Matthew 26:53, New Revised Standard Version). “Thousand and thousands” (Daniel 7:10, NRSV). Hebrews claims the multitude is “immeasurable” (Hebrews 12:22, NRSV). Angels are spiritual beings working for the Lord.

Deceased human beings are not angels. First, angels never die. We know this from the Gospel of Luke 20:36. Second, angels are stronger than mankind, but they are not omnipotent as written in Psalm 103:20, 2 Peter 2:11. Angels are more knowledgeable than mankind but not omniscient as found in 2 Samuel 14:20, Matthew 24:36. Angels are more noble and holy than any man. This is referenced in Daniel 9:21-23, 10:10-14. Hebrews 13:2 says that angels can change their appearance to look like a human. Angels can also wear bright, lighted garments...Matthew 28:2-4. Like the rest of us, angels have free will and are prone to temptation. Matthew 22:30 states angels do not marry and never have children. Unlike us, angels are a company or association, not a race descended from a common ancestor Luke 20:34-36. All angels serve in some capacity for the Lord. Angel duties include a few of the following: worship and praise of God; messengers; guiders; providers; protectors; and, caring for believers at the moment of death. My prayer for this week is that this article clarifies what an angel is and what an angel does. Till next week! Always 4 Christ!

Hymn of the Week: “O Lord, Our God, in Adoration” by Rev. Clement C. Scholefield Modern Gospel Song of the Week: “Angel On My Shoulder” by Reba McEntire

Rev. Tritthart is a graduate of Westminster College and Rawlings Divinity School. She is an ordained minister, a public speaker, and a ministerial services provider offering assistance to Miami and the surrounding areas. She owns Tritthart Special Event Services and can be reached at (918) 919-1500 or or