has compiled a list of America's favorites and created an interactive map of the most popular Halloween candy by state.


Everyone has a favorite sweet treat, and the tradition of the Halloween haul sort is alive and well. But have you ever wondered which candy takes the top spot in Oklahoma and what the rest of the country is looking forward to this holiday?

Compiling a decade's worth of sales data (2007-2016), online candy wholesaler has compiled a list of America's favorites and created an interactive map of the most popular Halloween candy by state.

Snickers top the list for Oklahomans. While Arkansas prefers the tang of Jolly Ranchers and Kansas has a hankering for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, according to the CandyStore's data generated map.

Missouri can't wait to get its hands on Milky Way bars, and Colorado agrees, also ranking the chocolate treat as its favorite.

Texas loves Starbursts while New Mexico sticks with a classic, candy corn.

Out east, New York is looking for Sour Patch Kids, and Florida wants to keep tasting the rainbow, ranking Skittles the highest.

In the west, California loves M&M’s while Washington's favorite is Tootsie Pops.

What everyone agrees on is America loves this holiday to satisfy its sweet-tooth, with the National Retail Federation estimating that shoppers will spend some $2.7 billion on Halloween candy this year, according to the CandyStore.

Below is the breakdown of the CandyStore's rankings for Oklahoma and it's bordering states:


Boise City, Oklahoma was the only U.S. city to be bombed during WWII. They were just practice bombs, and they didn’t hit the city directly, they were dropped just south in safety. There were no explosions or surprises on the list of most popular Halloween candy in Oklahoma this year. Snickers top the list again, with over 20,000 pounds consumed. That’s a lot of chocolate bars.


Johnny Cash, Douglas MacArthur, dulcimers. Arkansas has a rich history and a rosy disposition. You might even say they’re jolly. That’s right, Arkansans love Jolly Ranchers at Halloween. This is even more fitting when you consider the vast acres of national and state parks in the state. If you find yourself in Arkansas for Halloween, double down on Jolly Ranchers. Back it up with Butterfingers.


Colorado’s most popular Halloween candy has changed this year. Last year, Twix ruled the mountains of Colorado. Now Milky Way has overtaken the lead. Given recent changes in consumption habits surrounding sweets in Colorado, we would not be surprised to see further changes in the coming years. Stay tuned in the Mile High city, but for now, offer your trick-or-treaters Milky Ways and Twix.


Kansas’s most popular Halloween candy has changed this year. M&M’s ruled last year, but a new champion has taken over. You might think with all that corn growing in Kansas, candy corn would be the obvious winner. Nope, it didn’t even crack the top 3. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are the new king of the Sunflower State.


Home of the Blues. Gateway to the West. Missouri a no-nonsense type of place. A Milky Way bar on Halloween is no joke here. It’s still the most popular Halloween candy in the state so when trick-or-treaters come knocking in MO, make sure you show them the Milky Way.

New Mexico

Things have been Breaking Good for candy corn in New Mexico on Halloween. It has remained as the top candy in the state known as the desert-filled setting for Breaking Bad. You won’t need an RV to make yummy candy corns, just buy them from us. Less hassle. Oh, Jolly Ranchers are also moving up in NM. They have seized the #3 spot, kicking saltwater taffy out of the top 3.


Texas’s most popular Halloween candy has changed this year. It’s no surprise in the Lone Star state that Starbursts have made it to the #1 spot. Almost 2,000,000 pounds of Starburst is consumed in Texas around Halloween. Last year’s winner, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, retain the #2 spot. Texans can proudly stock up on Starbursts for trick-or-treaters, but might be best to offer them more than a lone Starburst!

View the CandyStore's full state-by-state Halloween candy breakdown here: