Artists of all types and genres will be on display Saturday, as the first "Paper the Town with Art" festival gets underway.

The event, organized by members of the Grove Springs Cultural District, is designed to help bring together visual artists, performers, writers and photographers.

Exhibitors will fill the Grove Community Center lawn and be featured at a variety of downtown businesses. 

Suzanne Boles, one of the key organizers, said she's pleased with how the community has responded in developing the festival.

"We're hoping it will expand to other events already happening in our community," Boles said. "Hoping that open houses and trade shows will find a way to put artists within their existing events."

Boles said the taskforce is already considering future events - including an expanded Art in the Garden at Lendonwood Gardens, and future Paper the Town With Arts.

She said she hopes people will come out, take advantage of the exhibitors, and celebrate creativity in Grove.

"We want Grove to be known for art," Boles said. 

Art on the Lawn

Artists displaying wares in booths set up on the community center lawn, include:

• Karen Buzzard - jewelry

• Lea Carson - mosaic birdhouses and crosses

• Kay Dingwell - calligraphy art

• Jerry and Nancy Harper - woodcarving

• Lani Stensrud-Griffin - modern art

• Ken and Myra Noteboom - wooden furniture 

• Kristi Roach - general artwork

• Teresa Turner - beadwork/jewelry 

• Kenneth and Scott Sixkiller - sketch artist, hand woven jewelry 

• Peggy Weaver - painter

• Shirley Whitman - crochet art 

• Joanne Whitney - oil/mixed media

• Dolly Zarintash - oil painter

• Deitra Roberts-Biely - fossil jewelry 

• Linda Thornton - jute baskets

• Lori Klickman and Dee Peel - writer

• Ron Young - writer/vocal artist

Other booths on the lawn include: the Disabled Veterans of Grove, Grand Lake Storytellers, Lendonwood Gardens, Grand Lake Renaissance Festival.

Performances on the Lawn

The following performers or groups will present their talents near the community center entrance. They include:

• 10 a.m. - Uptown Dancers - creative line dancing

• 11 a.m. - David Bridges and the Message - bluegrass and gospel music

• Noon - Ron Young - retired broadway performer

• 2 p.m. - Lacey Nienhuser - singer

• 2:45 p.m. - Gracie Hudelson - pop music singer

• 3:30 p.m. - Bluegrass Gospel Explosion

Throughout the day, Grand Lake Storytellers will present their tales between other performers and at their booth on the lawn.

Art in the Community

The following artists will demonstrate their talents at businesses within the cultural district. They include:

• Joan Ramsey - calligraphy art, Redemption Implements, 27 West Third.

• Sebastian Smith - pallet art, Redemption Implements, 27 West Third.

• Nolan Scarberry - wooden bowls, turquoise jewelry, leather goods, arrowheads, Junk & Disorderly, 101 West Third.

• Joseph Hopkins and Kim Williams - hands on experience - cabochon pennant, Rusty Willow, 6 West Third.

• Donna Jackson - oil painter, commissioned portraits, landscapes and still-lifes, L'Reneau Salon, 205 West Third.

• Lindsay and Angie Goodman - edible art, Sugar'd Spoon, 313 South Grand.

• A Tribute to Hazel Barnett - artwork created by former Grove artist Hazel Barnett will be on display from 3 to 5 p.m., Heart & Soul Gallery, 5 East Third. One piece of her art auctioned off, with proceeds benefitting Second Chance Pet Rescue of Grand Lake.

• Balloon E Dude - balloon art and woodworking, Grand Lake Sports Center, Third and Main.

• Dwayne Allen - fly fisherman art - 1 p.m., Grand Lake Sports Center, Third and Main.

Performers in the Community

The following performers will present their works throughout the day:

• Mack Sampson - banjo player, noon, 1909 Restaurant, 4 West Third.

• Ron Young - retired Broadway artist, 1 p.m., 1909 Restaurant, 4 West Third.

• Joyce Irving - ventriloquist with Audie and Miss Ethel, 11 a.m., Heart & Soul Gallery, 5 East Third.

• Susan Newman - artist and singer, throughout the day, Heart & Soul Gallery, 5 East Third.

Strolling Performers

• Doug Anderson - magician

• Ron Young - singer

• Joyce Irving - ventriloquist

• Renaissance Festival Actors - King James and Queen Marie of Scotland