MIAMI- A wanted felon was arrested in the parking lot of the Miami Walmart store Thursday.

According to the Miami Police Department's incident report, at approximately 5 p.m. on Nov. 3 the department received information that Randy Shoemaker, 24, of Miami, a felon with outstanding warrants in Ottawa County District Court, was at Walmart, located at 2415 North Main Street.

Officer Dustin Hoffer contacted Miami Nation Police Department Detective Aaron Crockett and requested that he respond to the area to attempt to locate Shoemaker.

Detective Crockett contacted Hoffer and advised him that he saw Shoemaker in a white Chevy Cobalt with paper tags parked in row three at Walmart, and that Shoemaker was in the driver's seat of the vehicle, accompanied by a female passenger.

“When I arrived I approached the vehicle from the rear,” Hoffer wrote in his report. “As I approached the vehicle the female exited the vehicle and slammed the door shut. The female appeared to be crying. I noticed that the driver side door opened and a male subject, who I believed to be Shoemaker, made eye contact with me then immediately shut the door. I attempted to reopen the door but it was locked. The windows to the vehicle were tinted dark enough I could not see inside. Officer Hickey had arrived on scene by this time. Officer Hickey and I drew our service weapons and Officer Hickey repeatedly ordered Shoemaker to get out of the vehicle.”

In the report, Hoffer states he was able to open the rear passenger door and saw that Shoemaker had his hands up. He reports that he took hold of Shoemaker's hands and held them behind his head until Hickey was able to come to the driver side and unlock the front door.

After Hickey opened the front door, Shoemaker was removed from the vehicle and arrested.

“I asked Shoemaker for his name. Shoemaker refused to tell me his name, but I was able to identify him from pictures I had seen of him. Shoemaker eventually told me his first name was Randy but refused to tell me his last name,” Hoffer wrote in the incident report.

Hoffer then arrested Shoemaker for the warrants and placed him in the back of Officer Gilmore's patrol vehicle. Gilmore transported Shoemaker to the Ottawa County Jail.

Detective Crockett gained consent to search the vehicle from Samantha Sutherlan who was the female passenger and owner of the vehicle, according to the police report.

Sutherlan stated that the property in the back seat was everything Shoemaker owned. Sutherlan also told police that Shoemaker purchased the tan Molle bag inside the vehicle in Wyoming at a flea market. Detective Crockett located an orange and yellow and multi-colored rubber containers containing dark colored leafy residue, two glass pipes with brownish residue, a black digital scale, Garmin NUVI, and red, back and white Kobe Bryant shoes size 11, a Samsung tablet, Beats by Dre head phones, Canon Powershot camera, Kodak Retinar camera, Leupold range finder, Olympus Stylus, in the two bags.

All the electronic devices and the narcotic equipment were located in the tan MOLLE bag. The rest of the property was in the camo bag.

Sergeant Weaver recalled reading a report where a pair of Red Kobe Bryant shoes had been stolen from an address on "M" Street Northwest.

Hoffer located smoking pipes and the rubber containers in the tan MOLLE bag inside an internal zipper pocket.

“From my training and experience as a police officer I believed the pipes and rubber containers to be drug paraphernalia,” he wrote. “Also from my training and experience as a police officer I had suspicions that some or all of the electronic equipment may be stolen due to the number of cameras in the bag.”

Hoffer took both bags and the contents to the Miami Police Department where he field tested the residue from the orange and yellow container using a NARK II Marijuana-THC test kit, receiving a positive result on the test.

Hoffer requested dispatch run the serial numbers for the electronic devices through NCIC to check if they were stolen. Dispatch was unable to find any of the items entered into NCIC.

Sergeant Frazier conducted a short investigation into the Garmin GPS and found that it belonged to a victim who lives in Oregon.

“I remember Sutherlan had said that she and Shoemaker had been on a recent trip to the Northwest United States,” Hoffer wrote. “Sergeant Frazier was able to make contact with (the victim) who stated that he was missing the GPS but had not reported it as stolen because he had not realized it was missing at the time. “

Detective Crockett made contact with the victim who had reported a pair of red, white, and green shoes as stolen on October 29 and requested that she respond to the Miami Police Department to look at the shoes which were in the camo backpack. She positively identified the shoes as her son's property.

Shoemaker's warrants stemmed from revoked bonds, one in the amount of $20,000 for possession of stolen property on Aug. 4, and another in the amount of $2,000 for assault and battery and threatening acts of violence on Aug. 4.

For the Nov. 3 incident Shoemaker was charged with knowingly concealing stolen property, possession of a schedule I/II drug-marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.