JOPLIN — After a five-hour stand off with the Joplin Police Department's SWAT Team, and the deployment of a K-9 officer Wednesday morning just before 7 a.m. Wednesday, Donald B. Loomis, 34, of Joplin, was arrested for outstanding warrants in both Ottawa County Oklahoma and Jasper County Missouri.

Loomis is well-known according to Joplin police, with a long criminal record.

The Joplin Police Department responded to Motel 6, in the 3000 block of South Range Line Road, on Nov. 2. Officers were attempting to arrest Loomis a wanted felon, who was supposed to be staying at the hotel.

Loomis had active felony warrants out of Ottawa County, Oklahoma, for failing to appear on the charges of two 2010 counts of possessing a stolen vehicle, and counts for eluding a police officer, and malicious injury to property.

Also out of Jasper County, Missouri, Loomis had an active felony warrant for failing to appear on the charge of resisting officers. He also had two local Joplin warrants for traffic violations.

After establishing that Loomis was in the hotel, officers attempted to make contact with him, according to a JPD press release. After a brief conversation all communications stopped and the Joplin SWAT Team and several officers were called in to affect the arrest.

According to reports, pepper spray, and flash-bag grenades were deployed into the motel room in an attempt to get Loomis out of the building.

At that point Loomis pulled himself up into the crawl space of the motel attic running the length of the building.

At about 1:40 p.m. after it was determine Loomis was in the attic, officers deployed a police K-9 unit. K-9 Officer Belgon and Officer Adam Brannin engaged Loomis, according to the JPD release.

Loomis fell through a ceiling in another motel room and sustained a bite from the dog to his arm.

Loomis was taken into custody without further resistance and was transported to the Joplin City Jail.

Loomis has a substantial criminal history in Missouri according to Missouri court records, including being named a suspect in a Sept. 9 shooting, when he allegedly fired several shots at a vehicle. The incident is still under investigation.

Loomis was arrested in this incident for first degree assault and charges were forwarded to the Jasper County Prosecutor’s Office. Additionally, he was also charged with burglary, unlawful possession of firearm, possession of controlled substance, and intent to distribute in June 2016.

Those charges stemmed from an incident when Loomis allegedly broke into the mobile home where his ex-girlfriend was staying, then kicked down the door of her bedroom while holding a pistol, according to a probable cause affidavit filed by the Newton County sheriff’s office, possibly attempting to collect money she owed him.

A follow-up search of Loomis’ home the next day uncovered a meth lab.

According to reports, Loomis had been recently released from a Missouri state prison where he was serving a six-year sentence.