MIAMI – Inches and inches of rainfall in such a short timeframe has kept the Miami Fire Department busy making water rescues in the flash flooding and subsequent high water areas throughout the city.


Miami firefighters and emergency responders answered a call at 1:22 p.m. Sunday to 22nd Street NE/Veterans Boulevard for a vehicle off the road with the front half under water and a victim still inside. The Miami Police Department was on scene when the firefighters arrived.


The MFD incident report says, “We drove to the middle of the bridge to get closer to the car. We then made our way to the vehicle the patient was sitting in about 5 inches of water above his waist. The doors wouldn't open due to the water. Broke the back glass and the patient crawled out the back window, we placed patient in life vest and assisted him back to Engine #3.”


The man in the vehicle, Paul Gordon, of Wyandotte, was loaded into Engine #3 to get warm and firefighters drove him across the bridge to meet INTEGRIS Baptist EMS, where he was transferred into his care.


Barricades were in place at the time of the incident on 22nd Street NE/Veterans Boulevard placed there by the City of Miami workers according to Miami Emergency Management.


A second rescue call occurred at 1:15 a.m. on Sunday at South 510 Road and East 130 Road in Miami regarding a car with a woman and two small children in the water at a trestle bridge.


On arrival at the scene with INTEGRIS Baptist EMS, Miami Firefighter Tracy Horton waded to the car and backed the woman's vehicle out of the water.


The woman, Jane Williams, of Miami, and the two children were turned over to the INTEGRIS Baptist EMS responders for assessment.


No injuries were mentioned in either MFD incident report.