AFTON— Terry Miller, Afton fire chief and city council board member, requested to discuss the city’s junk ordinance in order to enforce the clean up of the town of Afton.



The Afton City Council met in regular session Monday evening to discuss the ordinance. The agenda item was carried over from last month’s meeting.



“People keep piling stuff up on Main Street and I wanted to discuss the ordinance to keep the city clean,” Miller said. “It’s getting worse and worse. People come to our school functions and that’s the first thing they see.”



William Gaddis, the city’s attorney, said the city can enforce the ordinance by sending out a letter.



“The only thing we can do right now is to authorize the mayor to send a letter giving them 20 days to clean up or be cited,” Gaddis said.



The agenda item was tabled for next month’s meeting.



In other news, the board approved of the city as acting as a chartering organization representative to the Boy Scouts and to use the city’s facilities for its meetings. The Boy Scouts will soon be having their meetings in the former city hall building.



In public works news, the board approved of a contractual agreement for R.O.W. maintenance, which includes water, gas, wastewater, alleys and streets. The contract will agree to pay Lawrence Braden a minimum of $600 a month for mowing, tree removal and operating heavy equipment.



In other news, the board:



-tabled the new Vyve franchise agreement for legal review.

-approved the natural gas price for January to be 94 cents per ccf.