MIAMI – A former substitute teacher at the Miami and Welch public schools, Chad Eric Jarvis, 42, of Miami, was arrested in Miami on an active warrant from Craig County for charges of allegedly soliciting sex from a minor and child exploitation.


The warrant was issued Dec.18 by a Craig County District Court judge for Jarvis' arrest for the Count 1 charge of soliciting sexual conduct or communication with a minor by use of computer, cell phone and or other technology and the Count 2 charge of child sexual exploitation.


While on patrol, Miami Police Officer Jacob Hamblett stopped Jarvis at 5:17 p.m. on Dec.19 at the Tractor Supply Company store at 2630 North Main Street in Miami after observing him driving a green Jeep Renegade which matched a description of Jarvis' vehicle. Jarvis was unarmed and taken into custody without incident according to the Miami Police report.


According to the probable cause statement filed in Craig County District Court written by Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Chris Leamon, the warrant stems from crimes committed while Jarvis was serving as a substitute teacher for Miami and Welch Public Schools.


The probable cause statement says when Jarvis was substituting at Welch High School he was assigned to teach a class during the 2015 school year and Facebook “friended” a 16-year-old sophomore student and requested her cell phone number.


According to the OSBI report, Jarvis allegedly began texting and Facebook messaging the student and he asked if she would accept $600 in cash in exchange for sexual activity. The report says the student declined.


Leamon's report says on Oct. 1 Jarvis allegedly sent the student a text message that said, “You KNOW that I'm just a huge pervert that is going to ask you obscene things and then try to get you either send me pics or do something with me.”


Another text message Jarvis sent on Oct. 1 said, “And if I knew I wouldn't get shot or arrested, I'd stalk you and try to win you over.”


The 10th grade student informed her mother of the communications from Jarvis and they filed a complaint against the teacher with the Craig County Sheriff's Office.


Jarvis sent more text messages to the student on Oct. 9 according to the OSBI statement telling her he was substitute teaching senior English at Miami High School.


The OSBI report alleges Jarvis continued sending obscene messages to the 16-year-old student asking her to meet him at a park. The student contacted her parents who notified the Craig County Sheriff's Office of the electronic communications from Jarvis.


In an authorized undercover operation, Craig County Sheriff's Deputy Tommy McGlasson continued the text conversation with Jarvis.


According to the report Jarvis sent a photo of his genitals by text message to the student's phone telling her he had taken the photo in the MHS school restroom.


OSBI Agent Leamon confirmed through Miami Public Schools attendance records that Jarvis was teaching at MHS on Oct. 9. Video surveillance obtained from MHS showed Jarvis leaving his classroom and going into a student bathroom on Oct.9 and then exiting shortly. Records indicate Jarvis informed school administration he was ill that day and he then left school property.


Leamon's investigation concluded the photo sent from Jarvis' phone was generated inside the MHS bathroom stall by comparing the tiles and other objects seen in the photograph to those inside the student restroom.


The probable cause report says Jarvis sent other messages electronically to deputy McGlasson thinking he was communicating with the minor student on Oct. 9 soliciting other specific sexual acts in exchange for money.


Jarvis was unable to get the $600 but agreed to pay the student the next day, Jarvis left MHS and drove to Vinita to meet the student for sexual activity according to the report.


Jarvis was arrested in Craig County and taken into custody on Oct. 9. At the time of his first appearance in court, the Craig County District Attorney's office released Jarvis and requested further investigation by the OSBI.


Attempts to get information or comment on Jarvis' case from Craig County Assistant District Attorney Erin Oquin went unanswered as of press time.


After being brought into the Ottawa County Jail on Dec. 19 on the outstanding Craig County warrant, Jarvis was extradited to Craig County Jail and given a $500,000 bond.


Jarvis was hired as a substitute teacher for Miami Public Schools in September of 2015 until Oct. 9 for the 2015-2016 school year and taught a total of 10 days at MHS, Nichols Upper Elementary, Will Rogers Middle School, Roosevelt and Wilson Elementary, according to district records.


The investigation is ongoing and all measures are being made by investigators to ascertain if Jarvis committed any other similar crimes or if there are more students involved, according to OSBI Agent Leamon.